Free dlc problems for the free weekend


Ok so as everyone knows today it’s evolve free weekend as its only just started today for me as I’m on Xbox my little brother is downloading the game so I know it has started just when I try and play the hunting season pass 1 hunters I cannot as there meant to be free to try out


I think you have to unlock them first then you can use them


How do I unlock them?


you have to unlock the first 4 masteries in every character to get the next one


It’s free weekend all the dlc is meant to be free today so I wouldn’t have to


It’s still free.


I Has kind of the same Problem, I’m on ps4 and I already own the game on disc and I don’t have the free dlcs…


The free weekend is only for PC/Xbone


Nope, I Already OWNED the game before this update, and they said that ps4 will also get free dlc if you already own the game.


Ignore me then :smile:


Alrighty then.


Well, Meteor Goliath is for free. I don’t think they said anything about getting anything else for free.


So because you have to PLAY THE GAME, it’s not free?

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What are you on about I’m playing the game now


Starting at 12:01 AM PT on September 4, 2015 all Evolve players will gain access to the playable characters included in Evolve Hunting Season 1 and the playable Behemoth Monster for 24 hours. Starting at 12:01 AM PT on September 5, 2015, all Evolve players will gain access to the available playable characters from Evolve Hunting Season 2 for 24 hours.


Hes saying you have to unlock the tiers.

To unlock hyde, the second assault, you have to earn 1 star with all of markovs abilities. Then after you get 1 star on all of hydes abilities, you unlock parnell.


if this ISNT the case for whats happening to you, then that is indeed something else.


Please read other sources before automatically assuming things… Here is a quote from the news section of the Evolve web page.
“We’re very excited to announce that Evolve will be playable for free this weekend on Xbox One and PC. You can experience everything Evolve has to offer: Four Monsters, 18 Hunters across four unique classes, five game modes, 19 maps, and the newly released Hunt 2.0 - all playable for free this weekend. Following the free weekend, players that purchase the game will retain the progress they earn in the base game (not DLC unlocks).”
Notice how they only mentioned PC and Xbox one? They are not doing this for the PS4


I think every Hunter/Monster should be playable for this weekend, but I’m not to sure. The reason I’m not sure is when you love Evolve tons, you already have all of the Hunters/Monsters :stuck_out_tongue:


Also this weekend, all Evolve players can experience the currently available DLC characters for free on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Actually ps4 gets the free dlc as well.

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Exactly , most people miss that detail for some reason …