Free beta key for fellow evolver xb1


Free xb1 Smite beta game key for a fellow evolver…




Thank you so much iv been checking everday to see if I got one thank you . @smallestjet7


Add me GT is LeadedSubset we can play some games later


What is a smite beta key?


Smite is a moba game in third person which they’ve shipped out onto Xbone right now, it was originally PC based.


I’ve heard about that. Isn’t it just a LoL clone?


Nooooooot necessarily, I played it a little, it has a completely different feel and playstyle to LoL, but thats more my opinion.


I have never played LoL…Or seen any gameplay. Or read about any gameplay mechanics…

Is it another FPS?


Nothing like an FPS, it’s kind of like LOL but you play as gods or goddesses, it’s similar and a bit different.

It’s a tactical game from a top view.



I feel silly now. >.>


Yeah its a MOBA- Multiplayer Online Battle Arena I think that stands for, its objective based where you have to kill the enemy towers and the core, super duper strategy based


No need to feel silly :smile: