Free balance in custom games (imo my best suggestion so far!)

I feel like this could be the solution to a lot of balance issues Evolve currently, with nice side effects.
I am honestly confident that this is my best suggestion so far, which is why I’d like to tag @GentlemanSquirl

What I am talking about is a new feature that could be used in Custom games only. All tournaments and the vast majority of pro-level training sessions are held in custom games, however all pub games by definition are held in the public queues of Hunt and Arcade. Why not use that fundamental difference to our advantage? The balance in pub-level and on pro-level is well known to be vastly different. But if there was a way for the players in customs to make their own balance changes based on gentlemens’ agreements, you could suddenly balance for pubs all you want, thus keep the majority of the playerbase happy, while the competitive scene have their balanced matches too!

Here is how I would start with things:
While in custom games you can activate the option: Free balance changes.
While in the character selection, for every player there are a few sliders where they can make their own little balance changes to experience a match that they deem fair. I would start with a few but yet very essential options:

For Hunters (each Hunter gets one slider of each aspect):

  • Damage
  • the easiest way to balance the Assault Class as well as other classes
  • can also serve to alter the Monsters sustain in combat
  • values between 50% and 200% seem like a good starting point
  • Class Ability Recharge Speed
  • essential to balance the Support Class and Medic Class, as well as other classes
  • values between 33% and 300% seem like a good starting point
  • Jetpack Recharge Speed
  • essential to balance both a Hunter’s ability to avoid combos in combat as well as a Hunter’s speed out of combat
  • values between 20% and 500% seem like a good starting point

For Monsters:

  • Damage
  • this needs no explanation, does it?
  • values between 50% and 200% seem like a good starting point
  • Ability Cooldown Reduction
  • alters the amount of combos in a fight
  • values between 33% and 300% seem like a good starting point
  • Traversal Regeneration Speed
  • essential to balancing the Monsters speed both in and out of combat
  • values between 25% and 400% seem like a good starting point

Here is how I think this could be implemented: Each slider simply is used as another perk, that stacks with the perks the Hunters choose individually. So instead of counting the effect of 3 perks together, 6 perks are used in the calculation.
Here is an super epic example illustration:

The possibilities don’t just end there. This comes also to mind:

  • By observing what balance changes are used in pro-level play, the devs can get an additional source of data for their balance decisions
  • Pros can train to their hearts content: With ability cooldowns being 3 times faster and jetpack recharging 5 times faster, they can train how to dodge certain comobs way more often
  • If you are an offline player and want a challenge, there you go!
  • If online players are to rough for you, and even bots are too tough, you can buff yourself and actually win some games!
  • People playing with the thought of Hacking can just experience insane numbers by themselves, without ominous programs or ruining the fun for others

In other words:


  • Some additional work for the programmers and UI-artists
  • You would have to read this post


  • All of them

I like your suggestion but high level skill does not exist only in tournaments. Judging by some games I have played, even the moderate skill I offer far outclasses some players in our community. This would benefit comp, but ONLY comp. Still a nice idea and not just for balance.

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I just like the picture


I agree, the picture alone makes this thread pretty great.


I like it, however there should be a lot more sliders.

I.e. Emet would have HB amount slider, damage, reload, HB reload speed, buoy range, buoy heal amount, etc.

This way you can fine-tune hunters, instead of general things, like how is damage going to help Val out? Make her a 1 shot win by maxing out her damage? though that would be pretty cool

Maybe an advanced settings for fine-tuning?

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Who is that support?

well, that’s some nice idea, add a bunch of slides to custom, and the tournaments can just make it standard for everyone

That god damn picture man

Is the best thing ever.

This needs to become a web comic.


It’s, from left to right, Slim, T-Hank, EK, Jack, Torvald.

I like how jack is wearing PJs and a turtle shell and has a extended neck

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You drew a lovely Behemoth.

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You drew a lovely Behemoth.

It is clearly an elder kraken.


I’ve seen quite the Elder Kraken in my day, and I can assure you that that’s a Behemoth, just as much as I can assure you that that Assault is Parnell.

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No it’s Torvald in a nightgown.

its actually hyde in a toga

No, this is Patrick.


its doomguy

It’s the Second Coming is what it is.

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its tinky winky from telletubbies

I love you, Archie. But we should probably stop now. :joy:

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