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Hey guys,

first of all I’d like to point out that I’m very sorry for my bad english. The cause of this is that I come from Germany.

My problem is that I’ve bought Evolve yesterday at around half past 6 at the “Combi” - supermarket for me and for my brother. I’ve paid 10€ for each game so 20€ at all and I’ve activated the game yesterday.

Now I’ve got the message that it is free to play since this day.
I haven’t seen an announcement that the game becomes free. Now everyone can play this game without pay for it.
In my opinion it is very unfair. I’ve paid 20€ for nothing, haven’t I?

My question is… Does I get any kind of advantage for paying the game in opposide of the players who can play the game free?

I’ve downloaded 38 gigabyete from 40.2 gigabyte and than I’ve to download the update with 19.9 gigabyte…

I would be very proud if I’ll get an very fast answer.

If you want I can send you the receipt.

Thank you for your help

With best regards
Maximilian D.


Well, you get Founder Status. You get all characters unlocked without grinding. You also get exclusive Skins, Badges and Emblems in addition to more content when it releases.


Moving it to General because I don’t see how it belongs in Hunters;Support.


As Tom said, you basically get every character with no GRIND! And free stuff, a lot of free stuff that the free guys can’t get. TRUST ME, ITS WORTH IT!



I think he meant “Support” for the game lol

Like game support*


You get all characters unlocked from the start, all future characters will be automatically unlocked, you get 3000 keys to use for skins, you will get exclusive skins and badges in the future, and you keep access to the game modes from the old version.