Freddy Kruger out now on PC: Dead By Daylight


Well I just bought leatherface and he wasn’t on sale so.


Nothing better then winning 2v1 against Leatherface. I broke his ankles with the jukes baby.



Freddy is def. my favorite out of the 80s trio of Jason, Freddy and Meyers. Freddy had all the best zingers and he just was a ‘fun evil character’. The silent knife wielder is lame imo.


If this game had Pennywise/Alien/Predator, it would be an instant buy for me. I bought MKX just for Alien and Predator. I’ve been putting off getting this game because I have way too many multiplayer games I’ve been playing lately. If they had any if those guys though, it would put me over the edge. Freddy nearly got me there, but I’m holding on.


I’m disappointed how freddy looks. It’s trivial of course, but in official depictions of Freddy outside of the films, he never looks right. Probably something to do with paying to use the likeness of Robert Englund. He will always be freddy to me though. Anything else just looks like someone in a costume in my eyes. If I played, I’d definitely be playing him though.


Yeah, nobody can ever really get his look right. Everything ends up looking somewhat like the remake Freddy, which I’m not a big fan of.


For me yeah i wanted the Robert Englund Freddy too because he is the Original and only Freddy Krueger for me. But im kinda fine that we got the new Krueger and i think the Problem was that the Devs maybe didnt got the Right to use Englunds Face i think it would cost to much money. If u look at NeatherRealm they have make the same Freddy too in Mortal Kombat 9 maybe they didnt got the right too ( but they have him as he Voice Actor for Freddy and Scarecrow ). For me im just happy that he is in DbD anyways how he looks the 2010 Freddy is still better as non Freddy :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s nothing quite like the original Robert Englund.



So the reddit says he’s kinda op. Console won’t be getting him until after November soooo fml.


I dont think he is OP Ppl just need to learn how to play against him. He has a very unique Playstyle like The Doctor

Im trash as Survivor but what i hv see from good Survivor Players on Youtube i dont think he is OP.

But anyways i cant wait to play him if he is finally on Console :slight_smile:



God I fucking hate fighting Freddy.

I really hope that they give him the speed penalty after “tapping” a survivor, its irritating when he can literally walk up to you to tap you into the dream world and by the time you’ve transitioned into it HE’S LITERALLY INSIDE YOU.

I don’t really have any issues with once being inside the Dreamworld, though it would be nice if his terror radius was a bit bigger so a survivor can try and hide as opposed to just pallet loop him until they get downed or he gets bored and chases the Meg that’s tea bagging him.


Two things that are a factor to stuff like this are probably

  1. Because paying for Englunds’ likeness is expensive or complicated af
  2. New Line made some sort of deal with Haley (2010 Freddy) that gave them more control over the likeness which could mean less hastle or
  3. New Line is really pushing for the Reboot Freddy as the Freddy to follow suit or
  4. They have some sort of digital asset (body scans and all that jazz) thing where developers can easily just copy the likeness off.

Take this with a grain of salt, I’m just basing this from my limited knowledge of how games typically use characters or real people in their games.


You know, I’ve never really thought about games needing the rights to people’s likenesses before, but that makes a lot of sense. Probably why it’s so easy to match the designs of masked killers to their original designs, like Michael and Leather.

Question, why does DBD never actually call them their official names in game other than their backstories? Like, Leatherface’s DLC is literally called Leatherface, but they call him the Cannibal in game. Why?


I’m pretty sure Reddit is full of whiny Survivor kids who complain about everything. If a Killer sees a Survivor going for a save, they’re obviously going to camp and watch your movements to prevent that save. Those kids will call you toxic post-game because you used a strategy to prevent them from making the save. They expect you to leave and let them make the save. So it makes sense that they’d call Freddy (or any new Killer) OP because of features they don’t like. I ignore the Reddit because of them.


I just got this game a few days ago, but I’ve been following it heavily for a REALLYYYY long time, and my third match ever I got called a camping toxic piece of shit because the stupid ass survivors kept trying to save the hooked people while I was standing next to them.

Unrelated, what’s your guys’ favorite killer? Mine is the Doctor. I love him so much, and he’s super fun to play. No one gets passed him without getting caught in my field of madness or whatever it’s called.


My fav. Killers are in Order :

  1. Leatherface ( Because he is my fav. Horror Movie Character, he is fun to play and i love him :two_hearts: )
  2. Doctor ( Love his Design and he is the most fun to play )
  3. Huntress ( Great Design and fun to play )

Freddy will be on 4… when he is out on Console :slight_smile:

And i can say it everytime Doctor and Huntress would be perfect for a own Horror Movie :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, Huntress is kinda lame to me and Leatherface just doesn’t really feel like he has his own style in my opinion.


Well for now at least, (I’m new don’t have many perks) I definitely think the doctor is a beast. Playing against him gets so intense when he keeps driving you mad, makes skill checks god awful.
I think this one I was up against used Hex ruin to.


Doctor is my favorite. He’s so fun to play. With add-ons and perks he is quite devastating.