Francis' Tattoo


A redditor was asking about Francis’ tattoo the other day. He wanted to know what language the letters were inside snake, and what they translated to/meant.


I would also like to know!


Since I had to go look to see what you were talking about, for reference:


Used a thumbnail image? It’s quite difficult to see anything on it. :open_mouth: :dizzy_face:

This might make it a bit easier to see.

Well, this is the tattoo in question right?

Perhaps @SlabOMeat would know if it means anything in particular.


Ugh, the original link was to something larger. Blurg


I reuploaded @niaccurshi image for you guys.


I know Phil would know since he designed it, but it looks like detail work to look like a language to me lol


Nah, doesn’t mean anything. Just little scribbles. :smile:


Thanks Phil!