Frames per second and resolution


What’s the number gents? @macman @SlabOMeat @MrStrategio

Hoping they’re 60fps and 1080p


I think they said that they were consistently hitting 60 fps 1080, but don’t quote me


The CryEngine almost warrants it.


We don’t have this locked down just yet. We’ll let everyone know as soon as it’s confirmed!


What’s the frame rate and resolution of evolve on consoles?


Pretty sure it’s 60FPS 1080p. Game isn’t coming out on last-gen generation consoles, so they don’t have headache with quality of the game.


Hopefully it’s announced soon


Why hasen’t there been a definite answer to this question yet?
If its going to be like 900p or 1080p 30 fps just come out and say it the backlash will be immense if you keep hiding information and let the customers know after the release, just look at what happened to some recent ports and games made just for ps4 and xbox. the negativity aint just worth keeping resolutions and fps’s secret.


The game’s still in production, so like Jess said, the FPS rate/resolution hasn’t been locked down yet. That’s the least of my worries though, because I’m sure Evolve will be just as fun regardless


That post was just mainly to see if we could get a real answer, you your self must have issues with ways companies bullshit consumers with artciles like 30fps for that cinematic feel and such. Ubisoft couch couch

Its also really hard to ask and write about stuff like this because it mostly comes out as negative althou this is a real concern atleast in my opinnion.


The problem is they are probably going to be working on optimization up until pretty close to launch.

I also think as long as devs don’t lie and claim lower fps is actually better, they typically don’t get much of the hate. The hate is then typically directed at the consoles for having such poor videocards.

also, i wasn’t able to post this in the last fps thread before it was closed, so i might as well post it here. If anyone is interested in the truth about FPS


People, calm down, ok? We can safely assume, given the current track record of all major games, that Evolve will run at 4k and 120fps+ on PC. On PS4 it’ll be 1080p and 60fps. On XBone it’ll be 900p and 24fps to give you a “superior cinematic experience!” Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the XBone. Not one thing. Resolution and fps are just completely meaningless stats like K:D, rank, total play time, number of achievements, and so on. Nothing to be upset about even if you paid more for the XBone than a PS4. Microsoft knows you don’t need things like 3D, more pixels, or more fps. They’ve got your back! Besides, if you set your expectations here things might be better at release! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I really hope the resolution on both consoles is at least 900p and 60fps…1080p and 30fps is not the best cuz 30fps is not good on shooters


As @Plaff said, we don’t have this information to share just yet. We’re happy to share information where we can, and will share it as soon as it’s set.

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As this hasn’t been announced yet, I’m closing this thread.