Frame/Audio stutter in the middle of battles ONLY


I’ve got a MSI GT72 2QD with GTX 970M. I’ve played the game when it first launched back in the day and I could run the game on medium high with absolutely no issues.

When I play the game now, I put the settings on medium low and have a temp monitor on my second screen to make sure nothing is overheating. When I’m in game, everything is smooth and fine until we dome a monster and start fighting. I find the stutters occurring mostly when a lot of abilities are used and when particle effects are all over the place. It would stutter really hard for 2-3 seconds stop. Then when another huge wave of abilities are used, it will happen again. This happens on the first game of the game until the last game of the day and is really ruining the experience for me.
I keep an eye on temperatures and GPU and CPU never go over 80C. V-Sync is off. I’ve even tried the game with lowest possible graphics settings. Also verified the files through steam. I’m really at a loss for what to do. Send help :frowning:


Hello @Steve_Man

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Particle effects are known to cause stuttering in-game, although there is an option in-game to put the effect to low.
If that doesn’t make a big difference when you are fighting the monster, I suggest to try some troubleshooting steps posted here in this thread:

If you still are having problems after, please reply back with any info (like a video showing the lag) and we’ll take a further look.

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