Fps player vs. real hunters


This is a summary of my personal experiences playing with Kraken and Goliath from level 1 to 24.

Many years of Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 and mainstream FPS, I came into Evolve with the wrong mindset and honestly I didn’t enjoy Evolve very much. UNTIL i changed the way I played the game.

I would state that most people trying out Alpha for the first time, come into the game with old mindset and FPS experience that are out of date for when playing Evolve.

Dumbing down the Evolve monsters in the face of screaming “oper’s” is foolish move in my opinion.

Whether these “mainstream gamers” would like to admit it or not, it’s easier to point the finger of blame at a fictitious monster ability’s as “op” then its to take a look in the mirror and learn to overcome a hard difficulty and become a better player for it.

My personal observation playing as monster gives a unique bird view of how these failed mainstream players play Evolve as if it was Call of Duty, Counter strike GO, Left 4 Dead 2 and expect a different outcome.

Funny how I can track and see similarity’s these thundering screams end up making over the microphone screaming in two words “over powered” and rage after a defeated session vs. monster end up crying about it on the forums in similar fashion.

“Calling it constructive feedback” in the hope of getting some egocentric pride back for failing to understand that the problem resides within their lack of understanding “HUNTING”.

Then again, who can blame these FPS players going into a “HUNTING GAME” and expecting them to act like a hunter when all they know is how to use their “BOM, BOM stick” point and click.

Playing as Goliath and Kraken, I could easily distinguish FPS player’s lack of experience and use that to my advantage even when faced with level 16 – 23 hunters.

Flying as Kraken, It actually became even more self-evident how easy it was to outsmart, outmaneuver, sneak, hide and stealth my way past “self-proclaimed FPS hunters” defenses.

3rd day into the Evolve alpha, I could start to see small tendencies of change in some experienced FPS players changing into a hunter mentality.

It’s like a mind shift had happened, some Evolve players started using the “mini map” to cut me off from wild life, I so desperately needed to eat. My feeling as Kraken and Goliath changed from being chased too hunted.

And let me tell you those being chased and hunted are two different things, you can be chased but still feel safe. Being hunted takes skill and gives you no room to breathe or rest, no quarter is give.

The game is called “EVOLVE” for a reason. I think most people associate the word “Evolve” with the monster evolving from stage 1, 2 and into 3. I think it’s the other way around, I think that it’s the FPS players that need to evolve into a hunters play style and get out of their comfort zone they are so used to in other first person shooters.

Point I’m making, ITS YOU, YOUR MINDSET, YOUR GAMESTAYLE that needs to adapt to a hunter level and evolve. Learn something new, stop being mediocre as a FPS player. Be honest with yourself and with everyone around you, all those years of point and click shooters have not made you good hunter.


To make a change is not easy. But as developers going into an Alpha, you guys already expected that kind of reaction from the majority of gamers that are taught to “point and click” and empty full clips into oblivion expecting a different outcome.

Maybe people should play more Dark Souls to get a grip on what difficulty is and then come back and talk to me about “OP”. There will be only 3 monsters at release of Evolve, pause for a moment… and take that in. ONLY 3 monsters, that’s not a large number.

Dumbing down Kraken, because a vocal minority thinks its “OP” will make the game quite boring, losing its lasting appeal really fast after release date as there will be no challenge mid to endgame.

This is my observation of hunters failed to do when encountering me as monster.

  1. Lack of communication “NO MIC” instant fail in mid-late game.

  2. Don’t know the map layout.

  3. You only fallow tracks and don’t think outside the box by trying to predict monster movements, this could be the inherent lack of map knowledge.

  4. Your insufficient awareness of choke points or bottlenecks where to setup ambushes as hunters.

  5. Your lack of understanding how your class “hunter roll” should be used to maximize your roll in fights.

  6. Not grasping how the different “hunter rolls” are combined.

  7. YOU being ignorant, thinking you’re a “ONE MAN ARMY” charging head into cave with the monster in it.

  8. Carelessly click spamming your ability button even when it’s on cool down, instead of switching to your other 3 weapons that are ready to be used.

  9. YOU trap the monster in the dome, yet you keep chasing and hunting the poor trapped animal ending up in a tunnel vision fistfight with range weapons, always funny to see. YOU all are RANGE hunters, yet none use their full firing range available to you, when you are inside the DOME.

  10. You don’t think out of the box, stepping out of the dome to heal and jumping right back into the fight.

  11. You stay too committed to fights, when you should be disengaging and backing off to lick your wounds.

  12. HUGE mistake, ignoring Daisy the “Dog” when she is 2 meters away pointing at the direction of the monster hiding in a bush, which as hunters you choose to ignore because you can’t see doesn’t mean the monster is not stealth hiding. “happens a lot”

  13. Attacking a trapped animal in a closed off space is dangerous, you better know what you doing if you going to go inside the trapped space. The hunter might become the hunted.

  14. Standing still and watching as the thunder light ability builds up to its fullest strength above your head, just to smack down onto your head “shouting OP, OP, op….” lol

  15. You and the rest of the team running around in circles after old tracks left behind and expecting things to change in your favor. GET REAL!

  16. End game, Monster is at stage 3, you lack the ability to play smart, instead of trying to kill the monster, which is almost impossible without solid coordination. Play a delaying action, keep the monster focus on you instead of the generator and let the timer tick away. As you drag him away from the generator and close the generator off by deploying the dome wall between you and the generator trapping the monster in between, forcing the monster to face you instead. Sorry to say, that won’t happen because you don’t think like a hunter you think like a FPS player defending a round of CTF.

I can make a huge list with over 56 failed points hunters do. I will keep the rest to myself to use against your ignorance when the Evolve game comes out. Good luck! & stop crying.


Well said many points I have tried to explain to whiners on here and in game when they are all crying op and endlessly firing at the monster regardless of class, fingers crossed they will either grow up a bit before launch or leave well alone and stick to simplistic games like cod :+1:


Just perfect! Thank you sir, you hit the nail on the head.

I was lucky enough to play with Dan Nelson the other night, a Q&A at TRS. Do you know what he does at the studio? He plays the game all day ever day. He coach the Hunter group and gave us great tips. I don’t think the Monsters are OP either, it’s just Hunters are not organized. If the Hunting team does not use their mics, game over, communication is the key. Plus, if your using a specific class, you need to understand it’s pros and cons, don’t just assume it’s another FPS class.


(claps) the most concise person here so far


There is a nice saying… Monster trapped in dome - "None of you seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with ME! "


This is so true. like SO true! hahahahaha! It’s the change of mindset that I love about this game - not everyone will understand it though. At least not right away. It’s totally worth getting out of the conventional shooter rut though :stuck_out_tongue: Evolve does so much more than any shooter I’ve encountered.


I know exactly what you mean @Takran. After playing the monster, my whole body is so dam shaky due to the adrenalin rush of almost single handed beating a team of 4.


and it’s also a lot of fun
i even like rounds where i almost never see the monster until the very last fight just because he is a very good player and you can learn so much from such rounds

also there was this one round where i played Goliath and i was hiding in the waterfall of “Power Plant” and the Hunters fly 5 times over my head :smiley:


I had not thought of using dome to trap the monster away from relay !

I also was not aware hunters could step out the dome, thought it was trap for everyone inside.


yes, I am getting into stress/adrenalin mode whenever i fight as the Monster


You cannot exit the dome. You can only enter it from the outside. That is why you have to wait for the Trapper to take it down if they miss.


You can get out of the dome, if you haven’t found out how, yet! You should have played more and learned the game yourself. I’m sure you will get the chance when the game comes out. Tip. You can combo 2 hunter ability’s to move out of the dome for a short break and get pulled back in. Enough time to make a quick last heal .


wait what Oo tell us how i am sure this is a bug


Yes, there was one game I got trapped in the dome and would have liked to have gotten out before Goliath crushed me.


Ah a riddle, hmm maybe orbital strike can knock you out the dome, combo hmm … nope can’t think of it. Played over 30 hours in alpha mostly goliath and medic. Can’t recall any hunters exiting dome either. Ah well, post more riddles, I will get list ready for beta!


Play the game more? I put over 10 hours into the first alpha. Not to mention an equal amount of time in the Big Alpha.

What you are referring to is obviously a bug. It is not intended for Hunters to be able to exit the dome, otherwise it would be as simple as just walking through it.


yeah i bet it is a combo of getting punced away from the monster as well as from Orbital Baragge and maybe smth else
but it is for sure a bug


Whether its a bug or ability combo, that I will leave 4 you to find out :slight_smile: getting back on point, it takes 2 hunters to get out of dome and not 1. Leaving the other 2 hunters to deal with the monster. If it’s a bug, why dose it take 2 and not 1. That’s the question.


just tell us dude if it is a bug it will be fixed sooner or later anyway and you can’t keep it to your self to exploit


Sounds like a bug @MacMan, has anyone reported this to the devs?