Fps locked at 120


hi guys since i installed evolve my fps has been locked at 120, it hasnt really been a problem up till now coz its usually cold here up in the north of england, but lately i cannot play evolve for more than 10 mins and my card has hit 86c due to the weather getting hotter and the ambient temp rising. No matter what i do i cannot change the fps, ingame vsync does not work any of them, nvidia control panel vsync doesnt work, i set a max fps in evga precision x doesnt work, ive made the autoexec.cfg file u guessed it doesnt work, nothing i do changes my fps from 120, this is only game in my library am having ths problem with i play all my other games at 60fps and have no heat issues watsoever, its really annoying because its by far my best game i love it but i cant play it now any suggestions would be really helpfull or if a dev could read this and try help me.

gtx 6802gb


sorry for bad grammer


The framerate is not locked on your monitors refresh rate when you toggle on Vsynch, it’s just set a maximum.
You could possibly use a program to limit the framerate, but it’s not how heat generated in electronics works. If it overheat, something is wrong with the heatsink. Or the fuse, but that’s unlikely. I suggest cleaning your machine with compressed air for a start.


ive done it mate i always make sure my pc clean, wats causing the heat is that its running at 120 fps so the card is generating more heat than what needs to be, like i said all my other games run perfect at 60 fps and it barely never reaches above 80c and i play some heavy games like rome 2 and arma 3, its just this game if i can get it to run at 60fps it would be ok but i cant. Ive just looked on nvidia website and it says 98c is max temp for my card, but 86c seems too hot man