FPS ** FIX ** go from LOW 50's to Triple Digits *** DEVS please look (PC)

Want to fix your low choppy FPS in Evolve? Ever get 50-60 FPS in the dropship? When you are at 60FPS or less throughout the game, are you completely smooth?

Maybe you’re not achieving the framerates and smooth gameplay you should be getting. Here’s the link to a thread I started on the Steam forums to help with the low FPS problem. I’ll also list a few snippets from it to get people started. Developers, please take a look at this: http://steamcommunity.com/app/273350/discussions/0/611698195169171308/


NEW TESTS - Very curious:

Test 1. Geforce Experience (GFE) closed and launched from three areas: Dekstop shortcut, X:\Steam\steamapps\common\EvolveGame\Bin64_SteamRetail\Evolve.exe, and via Steam client. No system.cfg entry.

Results (Hunt Mode Fusion Plant - Didn’t touch mouse):

Loading time: Approx 20sec
Choose a Class screen: 50-54FPS
Ship: 54-55FPS
Jumping out 47-50FPS
Landing: 50FPS

Test 2. GFE open in the background, same three ways launched, and also launched through GFE.

Results (Hunt Mode Fusion Plant - Didn’t touch mouse):

Loading time: Approx 8-9sec
Choose a Class screen: 225FPS
Ship: 95-151FPS
Jumping out 103FPS
Landing: 91FPS

Bottom line is that a 9sec load means the game will run fine for me. GFE will always need to be open in the background. It doesn’t matter whether I use the GFE optimized settings or not. I tweak all my games and normally lower/turn off various settings for performance gains.

So there some sort of “hook” going on with GFE, whereby Evolve requires it to be open and running in the background for the game to function properly. I would much prefer the game be fixed so that we are not required to use GFE. Now if someone smarter than me out there can validate my tests and can explain why I would need GFE open in order to run Evolve properly, please enlighten me.

i7-4790K @ 4.6ghz
GTX980 +200 core +400 mem
Phanteks PH-TC12DX Red
2133mhz CL9 Corsair
Case: Corsair C70 green
EVGA SuperNOVA 1000G2
Red Silverstone Tek Sleeved cables
Benq XL2420TE 144hz monitor
Asus 24" secondary monitor
Corsair Gaming RGB K70 Keyboard
Corsair Sabre RGB mouse
Artisan Zero XSoft large mousepad - black
Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Headset / Soundbaster Z audio

The game requires various nVidia processes and services that other games don’t necessarily require. You see, Last I updated my nVidia driver, I choose not to install GFE, since I tweak graphics manually and have no need for shadowplay. Therein lies the problem. From what I can tell, Evolve requires the following processes: Nvidia Backend, Driver Helper, GFE, and the Streamer processes. I tried to stop the streamer process but it comes right back as part of the GFE process. Services required: nVidia Network, Streamer, and Display Driver services.

I can also confirm what Calcoon said about Shadowplay, however, we all don’t want to have to record running when playing the game each time. I’ve tried various scenarios, ended various processes and services while in game. I had the game open in one monitor and used the other to bring up the GFE window. It’s curious that Running the game without GFE I’ll be at 52FPS in the Choose a Class screen. I can alt-tab and open GFE (takes a few sec) then switch back to the game. I’ll watch and see the GFE window pop up on my 2nd monitor then glance back at Evolve and see it go from 52FPS to 225FPS. I’m not quite sure I have the processes and services require 100% nailed down, but those were the ones that seems to be required for me to run at normal framerates. Hope this helps.

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I have the same experience. Low fps with GFE closed and game set on low settings. But high fps with everything set on very high and GFE open…

We recently fixed a bug with the windows timer that may be the cause of this issue - next time its running slow can you run ClockRes and check what the current timer interval is? it should be 1 or less

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Bit over my head, but all I can add to this is that on my i5-4570k and GTX MSI 2GB TF OC GPU

I get about 50 FPS on low - medium settings, anything higher FPS goes down more and I also get huge stuttering/freezing issues.

happens to me occasionally. i can post here or pm you with my results.

Anything more than medium texture and you will flood your VRAM, 2GB is -not- enough. GTX690 2gb per GPU, I can max everything but that, and it nearly pegs my VRAM with med textures.

i can confirm here that its the clock res. using WinTimerTester, (single player) it was hitting 10MS when i using http://www.lucashale.com/timer-resolution/ TimerResolution, (setting it to .5ms) the game ran butter smooth. single player was using ALL of my gpu usage while before was only using about 60% of my gpu. and multiplayer has MUCH less stuttering and hitching.

my rig

5820K (6 core 12 thread) @ 4.3ghz
16GB 2666mhz ddr4
GTX 980 Classified
windows 8.1 PRO 64 bit

awesome news - the fix in code to ensure its always 1 is in the next patch!


awesome !!! :slight_smile:

Will this fix be live soon by any chance?