FPS drop after the patch

Are you guys suffering with this too? Since patch hit live, my matches are having a HEAVY video lag, i dont know what would be the cause of that, I got no anti-virus active, just the game, used to be smooth before patch, and know its unplayable,

my video card is gtx560 ti, 8gb ram, amd x6.

playing on medium settings and still lagged -_-

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I’m not lagging, sorry.

No I haven’t noticed.

Yeah, i haven’t noticed any difference either. BUT, my question to you is, what resolution are you playing at?
I have gtx 780, much much more powerful card and i play on medium too, resolution though is 2560x1440 so, there is that. When i’ve putted it on high, i had those drops in framerate: from 60-70 to like 30-40 for a split sec, but it was noticeable enough to warrant drop in settings. Have you used nVidia Experience? It should tune your settings to most optimal (although, it said i should play on low-medium settings, but medium is alright) It should be a great starting point. GL!

I play on 1920x1080, yeah i use the nVidia experience, tho, i went back to previous driver, because the new one i did notice that i got fps drop by it too, the strange thing is, when i installed the game, and for the first 2 weeks, it was running ok on medium, with no lag, but yesterday and today, its unplayable, i put it on low settings almost everything, and it go smooth, i guess its time for a reinstall on windows.

I have a gpu Radeon HD 7700 series, 8 gb of ram. I get abput 40fps and 7fps when Cabot is around with everything on low at 720p. The game used to run better in the beta for me, this is weird.

is this like something new? was it from the beginning of release of the game or since the last patch?
either way, yeah, game run for me better when was in BETA too, SLI even though technically not supported, i didn’t have any issues. But in full game it froze so often to a point that i had to disable SLI, even now, with the current patch it froze my system at 2nd game… i was hoping for it to be fixed but nothing changed. Speaking of Beta, in a way, beta didn’t have all the features on, or at least “maxed” out, even though, the game options said it was. There are always some instances, when things get prettier at the last second, and maybe that’s why the game is running more sluggish for you. That Cabot FPS though, i’m not to sure on what’s the issue. If possible, try verifying games integrity, and if possible download it again and then verify it’s integrity. I actually did it once, because i had strange game crash couple of times, and apparently what happened, was that after releasing the game, it downloaded the release patch with a bug, so i downloaded it again and never had that particular issue again. Except for SLI freezing… that’s a totally different matter. so yeah, try downloading the game again.

Alpha - fine, Beta - fine, before patch - fine. Now since the patch I keep having bad FPS drops, pretty much freezes completely for a good few seconds.

Also textures on the characters take a few extra seconds to pop in, and this never happened before.

My setup hasn’t changed atall, but this new patch seems to have done more damage than good. Hopefully a Dev can comment on this issue soon… just so we know they are aware of this performance drop atleast.

Unless the patch has some conflict with Nvidia as I’m using GTX670 too. I used to play on High with no problems atall.

@Shaners Can you help him/her

Is this still an issue? :frowning:

It seems to be quite oldd


As you can see yes. At least I think so.

Quite frankly I’d be surprised if this user is still bothered by it. They dropped the issue a looooooong time ago with not a single more word and they’ve not been active of late.

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I think if there was still an issue, something else would have been said… The thread is 5 months old, and the OP has said nothing more on the matter.

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