FPS difference between solo and multi


Hi guys I realized that there is a huge FPS performance disparity between Solo and Multiplayer. In multiplayer my fps stays between 60-90fps but for solo it drops to 30-50fps! May I know whether is this a bug or was it designed this way? Another question is that is there any way to reduce stuttering in Multiplayer? It stutters for 1-3s usually when i change my direction of view. The stuttering gets pretty annoying especially in fights. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Currently using an Alienware x51 r2
8gb ram
gtx 760ti OEM 2GB DDR


I think you made this thread twice by accident! YOu should delete on and use the other, or get a Mod to help- @SledgePainter for example. Good day.


What resolution and settings are you playing at?
I’m running gtx 780 with 3GB but in SLI, so the raw power is there to push more FPS, but i play at 1440p resolution and that uses much more VRAM. Even though, technically i can run “very high”, due to 3GB limit of my cards, i can’t. I get stutter, and “dropped” frames. check your usage using something like MSI Afterburner or similar. OR use Nvidias software to setup “best possible” options. They are quite good at it. If it doesn’t work 100% it’s a good starting point.

Software is “Nvidia Experience” - it’s in the drivers from Nvidia. GL


Same issue here OP. Solo runs much worse than Multiplayer.

R9 290, Windows 8.1, latest drivers, latest updates, any setting, 1080p, same issue.


I only have an ATI 1GB GPU and get about 46-50s when playing as the monster even when in combat but never get above 40 and usually stays at 30s.

Playing at 720p.

There’s a weird bug for me that when Cabot drops a nuke tag it destroys the frame rate down into below 20 and freezes the screen. I’ve had to leave games because of him.


Since i unlocked cabot, My game stoped working fine… Low FPS and its stutters. Never had this 3 days ago.