Fps and resolution


Ok so im pretty sure the xbox and ps4 are both 60fps but i want to know the resolution. As soon as we get a confirmation on resolution and fps @Plaff @SlinkyGuy @Brandini please close this thread so there’s no console wars or anything


Im not sure that they are 60 fps :slight_smile: but they are 720 p i think.


No I’m pretty sure they are 60fps and how do you know that they’re are 720p? Are u just assuming?


Nvm it depends on the game, but still i don’t think the quality of 1080p/60 fps xbox or ps4 is the same as the PC.


and I find it shady that 2k or TRS haven’t even said anything about the Fps or resolution even tho there’s a big alpha going on lol


The game is still in development. Going to get the best frame rate and resolution we can. Still working on optimizations across the board.


Imagine 3D haha :smile:

Or using the oculus rift, i would get scared i think, facing a HUGE monster.


Good Point! Can’t wait to get into the alpha!


You have no idea how tempting it is. But I’ll re-frame.

They still have a long ways. Since they won’t confirm/deny anything just go with atleast 720p and likely a goal of 1080@60.