FOV and 21:9 monitors


I bought the Asus 29" 21:9 monitor to play Evolve.
Its 2560 x 1080p.
It can play at 75hz/FPS.

I thought FOV would allow use of this type of display to great effect.
As is the image is stretched to fit, even at max FOV.

Can the game support this rez properly or only distorted?

Can I use a config to enter this rez somehow or something without distortion??

Any tips or advice would be great.

I am thinking I have return it and buy the acer 24" 144hz panel, it has lightboost and 1ms response time.

I actually dont see much differenxe between 60 and 75fps.
My 60hz display is much faster then the new asus monitor so maybe 144hz will be more noticable?

Its also hard going from 67" down to 29", with no real benefit that I can see.

What do yall suggest?


I’d go with the 24", personally. Unless you’re up to 144 fps, you won’t see much of a difference between 60 and 75.


Well its actually $70 cheaper today for the 24" ACER so i placed the order.

Ill take back the asus once it arrives, after some comparison testing of course;)


Got a link? :slight_smile:

#5 ACER GN246HL-Bbid

Sry not sure how to link on mobile.

It was $300 yesterday, now its $250 and $20 off buying with VISA checkout!
Free shipping too!


The monitor i have now is actually LG nit ASUS, my bad.

29UM58P, $400, got them to price match online for $298, no shipping fees.

But if evolve cant use 21:9 its useless to me, it also has really poor black levels with all the light bleed, maybe that is just an lcd thing though?

Hope the acer does the trick.


Ahh, a bit out of my price range at the moment.
I’m using a junk 24" Planar, but it does the job.


I play Evolve on my 21:9 LG and it works just fine.

It’s just a resolution to pick in the options menu.


I am a bit puzzled by this thread. I play at a 21:9 resolution of 3440x1440 and havent noticed any issues. Evolve has really good 21:9 support.


Remember that is $230 CANADIAN!

That is couch change in USD I thought, lol.


Yeah well the image is distorted(stretched) when I select 2560 x 1080 in the Evolve res settings.

Text and characters get fatter in 21:9 mode but nothing extra is displayed vs a standard 1080p picture.

I tested a bit and it shows the same image noundaries in either mode.

So it does go full screen, but its the same image as 1080p.


Have you tried a screen shot at that res vs the same scene at 1080p?

Is there more shown on the edges at 21:9? Or does the image still show the same information?




You can clearly see the 21:9 resolution gives you more actual information.


Better, but daycare tuition went up…a lot. I appreciate the information though.




FOV settings the same for both those pics?

What did u use to screen capture?

Ill try and snap some pics this weekend, the image on my 2560 x 1080 LG monitor looks distorted to fill the screen.

And I did set the res in game and via windows 7 pro desktop. I also have the FOV cranked to max in both cases and the information displayed seems identical in either res.

But i did some testing with the display duplicated which isnt ideal.

Ill do them individually.


Wat FOV setting is that?


These screenshots are like 10 seconds from each other, just changed the resolution during the match. I used the steam’s F12 to capture

Edit: FOV was 90 in both. I literally took a screenshot, went to options to change resolution and took another one.


My fov setting should be default but I will check, captured from Steam.


Yeah so FOV is 80 for hunter and 90 for monster. Linking this time as images are too large to upload.