Four: The Sword, Chapter One


Awesome read as always. Looking forward to seeing what it is that Parnell regrets from the Sword. One small nit pick.

I think you meant Altitude. Although, with Abe's colorful metaphors it could be either or :stuck_out_tongue:


Rekt. open_mouth I didn't even see that. I think I like attitude adjusters, though. xD CHECK YOURSELF, BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF


Great read. Good job @Matthew


Nope, attitude adjusters is correct. In space, they have to use thrusters to adjust their trajectory


In space attitude control is a way of describing control of orientation in space.

On Apollo command modules the RCS system was used for attitude control, they could also produce a little more thrust in the direction of the main truster in an emergency (as is described as happening in the story).

@Brandini SNAP!


Yup, I pulled a ninja stuck_out_tongue. Anyone else notice this was the longest of the Canon series so far. Hope he doesn't put up other stories between the 3 parter, that would be cold cold_sweat



I like this.


Ah thanks for the clarification. Space travel is sadly not in the cards for a bovine like myself.


Indeed. I like my feet on the ground. Thanks for the information, though. TMYK is always good. Puts me in my place. >:)

@Brandini that would be cold, and totally not out of the question. I'm sure I will cry by the end of this. Matthew be gentle ;-;


I'm wondering if the back story explains why Sunny isn't in the game anymore.


I bet that the story won't end well.


THE SWORD WASNT HIS FAULT ;-; Don't do this to me Matthew.


Ah shit, now you've said that, it makes sense to break down more hunters in between Sword stories. Now we know a bit about Parnell and Abe it made send to fire this story down the hole. Couple more hunter stories that further deal with the aftermath of The Sword incident before next part wouldn't be a surprise!


When Cabot shows up; this I am waiting for. Have a feeling she is still his daughter. Could just be a run away, etc.


Maybe that is why Parnell is with Cabot. He feels bad about what happens and sticks with him to 'make it right'.


Oh god the fanoning is happening! I can't handle these partial possibilities! ;-; So suspenseful...


It's getting harder and harder not to read your comments in Tiny Tina's voice smile


You may learn more about Cabot in a future installment. Sunny is not his daughter though, that was something from a long time ago we ditched.


Sweet, sweet relief. The world wont fall apart on me yet. <3


Even more of a reason to have her get 'offed' smiley Unless Bucket.. is... part Sunny? Did they install Sunny as the main AI and Bucket is just a male portion of her brain to allow her on site?