Four New Hunters!


So four new Hunters are revealed to us today and of course, I love them all! Especially Maggie and Daisy as a helper, I love it!

Also, I love classes that use sentry guns as a Support weapon in every game I play, like being the Engineer in TF2 or Support in Monday Night Combat, so I can probably conclude that Bucket will be my main man (or machine!) but I’ll probably end up playing as everybody!

Next is Hyde and his flamethrower looks so awesome! Probably not going to work well against the Goliath’s flame breath, but I might be surprised!

And lastly, Lazarus the Medic! Looks cool! The “Lazarus Device” certainly sounds interesting!

Looking forward to playing as all of the classes, great job, you guys! :thumbsup:

Still no Elmer Fudd though, I am disappointed! :frowning:


Hell yeah! I was thinking maybe we’d have to wait for E3 to see anything new, but thanks to TRS!!!
Maybe we’ll get a new monster at E3…one can dream, can’t he? :smiley:


@SlabOMeat or any other devs, can you confirm other threats present of this new desert map? Also does sneaking hide you from the pet or no? They all sound really awesome except for maybe Lazarus, but if his abilities weren’t effective then he wouldn’t be in game. And does the new assault also have a secondary weapon or just the flame thrower


Very nice, thanks Slink! That dam pic reminds me of cs_dam :wink:


Pardon my French, but FUUUUUUUCKKK. I was completely not expecting to see anything like this. Robots!? Hell yeah. Pet Trapjaws? Helllllll yeah. Turtle Rock you can take my money, heck, take my soul. I am completely sold on this game



There’s mention of a mode where you can get to know other hunters better. I’m fairly confident I know what that might be (chuckles in the corner)


More than a dozen maps have been confirmed for those of you who haven’t seen the gamereactor video


Oh do share you devious bas***d lol


I don’t think I’m going to, but I would strongly recommend reading the playstation cover of Evolve for clues. It shows you the perfect place for a social gathering with all your hunter chums!


Guys I just created a new forum with new gameplay of the characters! If you find any new gameplay please post it there, thanks!


Different biomes have different wildlife, so yeah you’re not just fighting sloths and reavers on every map. I think there’s a Desert Nomad in one of the screenshots!

And Daisy does currently foil monster stealth! Good doggie!


And I withdraw my question about the flamethrowers secondary weapon. Did I see a minigun? Schweeet


Does this desert biome have a name yet???


Aaaaaaaaargh, it’s hideous!

But cool, mind you!


It’s called “The Dam”


And they keep saying Laz can resurrect the dead, as in after you bleed out?


I remember someone suggesting there might be robot hunters in Evolve, and I was certain there wasn’t. My apologies to whoever that was


WOW!!! by looking at the new hunters will make me unable to sleep this night :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup! You are correct sir. Glad to see everyone digging the new characters. :0)

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