FOUR Lazarus Bug? Or Cheat? o_O


I just had a game as a monster under Skirmish (Hunt), where I was pitted against a team which had not one, or two, but rather, FOUR Lazaruses.

I did not take a screenshot of it, sadly, but am I seeing illusions or something? I was pretty sure I saw four, because despite my best efforts, every one of the Lazaruses spammed resurrect, despiting me having downed them like a dozen times, especially with cloak.

I remembered reading a thread from earlier where someone posted a screenshot of a game with TWO Cabots.

Has anyone else experienced this weird bug (or cheat)?


I was placed in a game with 2 assault class. Happened randomly when joining a game in progress. Only lasted a few minutes, then I was disconnected due to some error code.


lazarus is just testing his new device out. The Multiplicity Glove


“When one falls, two shall arise!”


Simple answer…Lazarus has EVOLVED!!! :smile:


Are you playing on PC?


Ok, it looks like I’m not hallucinating then.

I saw a couple of other threads of people who saw 2 Cabots or 2 Medics as well, so I guess it’s an actual bug.

However … FOUR Lazaruses??? Anyone had 4 of the same class before?


Were all four of them rezzing? DId they had the exact same outfits? What did the UI had to say?

It is possible you just randomly ended up in a bugged game of Rescue where the colonists were all equipped with Silenced Sniper rifles. Yes, tthat’s a thing.


Nope, it was Hunt.


Well, then… @MrStrategio shall be the one we direct this information to.


We’re aware of this bug and are working on a solution. Thanks for reporting it.