Four changes to Evolve I would love to see


I love this game. I never had the chance to play Alpha or Beta so before the release I only knew about it from videos. I have been playing it almost non-stop this week and so far it exceeds my expectations.
But still there are two things that frustrate me a lot. Also I found that I miss two things being in the game. If these things got improved (well, changed) I would love the game even more.

So here are the four things I would change if I could (with increasing importance) :smile:

Rank 4 - More statistics
W:L ratio is fine. It corrects me in my opinion that I rule the game and tells me that I actually really suck :smiley:
But what I would like to see is more “With character” or “Versus character” (e.g. Specific Monster vs Specific Hunter stats, Hunter with Hunter stats)

Rank 3 - Save the Replays
There is a 2D map replay after each game, but there is another kind of replay I want to see. I want to re-watch a game in real time, see what the Monster saw during the game, see what the Hunters saw. Enjoy the things I did well, learn from the mistakes I did. And how the hell did the hunters find me saw fast!?!?!?!?

Note: I feel like as a player I should have much more control over what I play than there currently is in the game. The next two things are about that.

Rank 2 - Role distibution
Scenario: I have a [role I really don’t want to play in the next game] as my 5th preference. I joined a game with 3 more players (so we were 4 total for 5 spots). I still was given [role I really don’t want to play in the next game].
There is no way the game things that was the best role distribution according to the players’ preferences. If there are only 4 players, nobody should be given their 5th preference. In the worst case scenario I should have got my 4th preference.
Sometimes I want to play anything except one role. When I have a role on 5th preference I don’t want to play the role, please don’t give it to me.

This could be also prevented by the last thing on my list.

Rank 1 - Let me choose the game I am joining
Scenario: Search for a game. A game is found for you. You wait through the Map loading screen, you wait through the other loading screen just before the game starts, you are thrown in a game in progress. Finally you find out who you play with, what you play against (sometimes you have to wait to find that out), and most importantly, what character you play. Of course, it is a a character you don’t wanna play. (Either suck it up and hope the next round Fate will be more generous or) Leave the game, wait through the penalty, search for a game again, find a game, join the same game as last time. As the same character.
Currently you are thrown blind in a game that was chosen for you. You have no information. You don’t know what to expect. Please, give me some information about a game before I join it. What monster there is, what Hunters, which one will I be playing. And ideally, let me choose if I want to join based on that information.

So there you have it. The 4 things I think would take the game from Great to Perfect.


Rank 3 is on the Evolve app.


Is it? I though you can only re-watch the 2D map there. (I don’t have the app. My phone is a potato :smiley: )


I misread my bad 2d only. However a observer mode is coming which is similar so people can record matches.


The companion app is only 2d, but it gives much more detail than the replays post match. It’s done in real time so you can get a better sense of what went on.