Four big patches and I still have lag when I play as monster


I am a fan I love playing evolve I don’t have any issues when I play as the hunters usually but the moment I choose monster nine out of 10 matches I cannot engage the hunters without a game lagging and or crashing


What platform are you on, and if on PC what is your system spec and your in game graphics settings set to?


I think you should revise , update your hardware if youre on PC.


intel core i7 3.2 GHz
12 GB ram
nvidia GeForce GTX 750

all my drivers are up to date and I play on the lowest settings

I just went into my graphics card and lowered all setting to max out performance. Will post if changes work


So the gameplay experienced is great now however on occasion my screen will flash white like I’m at a techno club if someone had epilepsy they would probably go into a seizure. There was also an instance when my screen would blink red. After either of these occurred the game with crash and upon reset would go back to normal


There’s an issue with NVIDIA drivers that is being looked at by NVIDIA, the advice is to roll back drivers for now if it’s a problem. Also alt-tabbing for some people seems to fix the flashing.


Thank you for the help. I noticed this only happened after I lowered all my settings. I never had this issue before but I would lag out. Alt tab works sometimes but it looks like it occurs about every 6 or so games

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