Founders Still feel gimped?



After reading was the founders got, I feel like we’ve been gimped of what we should have been given. We bought and supported the game before we even completely knew what it was like. Now, when coming back to the game, it feels like my 350 hours have completely gone to waste in all the time I’ve spend upgrading things. The things I spend hard money to buy can now be gotten for free. The perks we have been given for free are minimal. Sure, they’re some of the better ones, but it’s still only a small percentage of all of them, and even then they’re stage 1. We were given exclusive MTX and skins, but that’s not really something that affects the gameplay.

Essentially, the only thing that we were rewarded with for purchasing the game, or even pre-ordering it like me and many others, was 3k keys, and we get 1500 for free, and I just got 1400 on my first game, so f2p people can get that 3k instantly. We still have all the hunters that originally came with the game, but those can be unlocked without much trouble. I guess you could count the Behemoth, but that is literally the only thing founders can have that f2p people wont.

Honestly, I think we should at-least be given say a key and global exp gain boost, as well as all of the perks, perhaps even stage 2. That would seem more fair to the people who spend anywhere from $60-$100+ on the game. Also, some other thing to set founders apart from f2p people, besides the skins and moving player icons. Receiving our mastery skins for mastering monsters/hunters would be a bonus as well. perhaps even an exclusive set of hunters+monster would be fitting to the $60 we payed as well.


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