Founders status request


Is it too much asking to get all the future (hypothetical) hunters and monster unlocked at their launch?

I’m not talking about skins, nor any other cosmetic or luxury item; just the characters.

I understand every one would eventually unlock those same characters, but the promise to always get them first would be some kind of recognition for supporting the game since the beggining. I think that at least in this way it would make Founder’s Status look somewhat special.

Edit: just to clarify I own the monster race edition and several others dlc. The point is that everything I own at the moment will eventually be owned by everyone for free. That’s a fact and I’m not arguing against that. All I’m asking is that the unlocking advantage they are giving us this time not to be a one time thing, but a permanente bonus. Nothing against the badges, I just dont see them as much as a worthy reward.


Buy a key.


Asuming you mean it as an actual question then I’d have to say yes, I think that’s too much to ask.

Some of the ‘founders’ bought Evolve cheap a few months ago for $5 from 3rd party sites. Would you give them free DLC characters that had previously cost up to $8 per character?


You can buy keys to the game if you really want to get founder status and not have to unlock characters. I’m sure they’d be dirt cheap.


I think there should be different levels of recognition based on what was spent. I’m not sure how feasible it is, but someone who bought the game for $10 and 1 skin pack doesn’t deserve as much as someone who pre-order and bought both Season Passes


Realistically if they create new characters (i.e. not adaptations) then there are huge costs involved that aren’t present with an adaptation:

New writing, completely new models, new skins for new models, new voice actors, new animations.

All of this costs money, and tbh the money those of us spent on the original game has now run out. We can’t expect to get stuff for free just out of loyalty, not when the whole Stage 2 ethos is moulded around people being loyal NOW being able to earn keys in game to unlock those characters relatively easily anyway :slight_smile:

So… I’d rather TRS focus on founder status being special in less of a “what can you give us for free” state, and more in a “What can you do to make us stand out as long term supporters of the game?” instead.


I bought the game at release (60$)
Tier one individually when they costed more money 7,55$ for hunter/ 15$ for monster
tier 2 individually ( 5$ for each hunter$ / 10$ for monster)
wraith jellyfish skin (about 2,99$)
kala jellyfish skin (about 2,99$)


55$ for Hunter??? That’s a typo, right?

But anyway, yeah. You should be entitled to more than someone who waited for a sale and got Evolve really cheap, or if someone got it second hand. Not that TRS have anyway of distinguishing between the price paid for the game, but the amount of DLC should at least be a factor.


Plus, the majority of the art department at TRS is focused on their new IP right now.
They would need to be able to afford to take someone from that team (unlikely), or hire a new employee or freelance artist to help with Evolve characters.