Founders should have a beta matchmaking


Yep, it may sound fked up but I think that the founders should get something more. I think that the founders should be the vip and have access to a beta matchmaking where nerf tests and buff tests happen. That the founders should get access to try out new hunters and monsters. Or for example if a monster is getting a nerf or a buff, that the founders get to test all of this. I think that founders would be happy for a bit more and I think this might be it!


That would seriously reduce the player pool though, and segregation of the playerbase is something TRS is actively trying to avoid. :slight_smile:


I mean like a beta testing for the founders. They don’t have to play that beta mode though


The problem is that people would have to sign an NDA and you can just have every founder be assumed to want to sign one due to new content etc…