Founders question


This is a unique situation, and I understand if nothing comes of it but I thought I would at least give it a shot. I bought evolve on launch for ps4, crazy hyped about the game, longtime supporter of L4D, and I played the crap out of evolve, when it first came out. I stopped playing the game after only about a month, the thing that turned me of was I only usually had 30 minutes to play a match every day,and it felt wasted trying over and over to play monster, so I got fed up. Which was unfortunate because it really was (is) a great game. After hearing about 2.0, and now you can queue for monster in ranked mode, I’m all in. I love it! But seeing how I’m playing on pc now instead of Playstation, my founder status won’t switch over, along with my perks and everything I already unlocked. I don’t mind starting over, it just stinks when founders already have an advantage, and I feel like I was a part of that community.


You’ll be a part of the community when the Stage 2 hit consoles, until then you could always purchase the Steam key for 5$.


I would rather play on pc now, I didn’t know about the steam key I’ll probably do that thanks