Founder's DLC on my old locked steam account?!?


Hello, i was just asking if there are any possibilities i can be founder on my new Steam profile “Coffee2Go” because i was founder on my last account “Coffe2Go” wich got locked because i was offline alot or something (tried too contact the support, no respons), soo please can Evolve Support Team help me resolve this problem, i really enjoy playing this game :), i love this new badges for the founders and that stuff <3


Sounds fishy… If this works i’m gonna raise the same ticket…


I don’t see Evolve on your old account.

This is your old account right?


Likewise, I see no Evolve on that account.

How was the VACation, by the way?

(Apologies, I just couldn’t resist.)


I think he just got busted.


what’s what i thought too.







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Now that account’s profile been set to private. didn’t he say something about being locked out in the 1st post. lol


Not jumping to conclusions here but theres something awful familiar about that steam name…


On locked i mean i cant play any games


As in your steam account is locked yeah?


Why would the games be locked? BTW even if the profile been set to private, a VAC ban can still be seen. lol


GTA 5: Last played July 7. That’s after stage 2 came out.


To my knowledge this would not be possible.


He lied in the first place. This should be closed.


But yes. Following up on what Mountain said, I don’t think TRS will make exceptions. Consolers cant transfer their things over to PC, so content from your old account won’t be able to be transferred to your new one either, afaik.


I think you read the other thread and made the wrong reply here instead. lol


Don’t forget that this guy has a VAC ban, which can be for Evolve (because it uses VAC) and could explain why it is “locked”.


Just want to jump in and say, let’s not jump on him for simply asking a question. Yes his other account was locked, but we don’t know the details of that and frankly it’s none of our business really. So let’s focus on the question at hand please. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I think TMTR and ToiletWraith are correct. I don’t think it would be possible I’m afraid.


Our system only honors what steam tells us you have. We are not able to transfer your evolve from one steam account to another unfortunately. That would be a steam support request, but my hunch is they wouldn’t allow it either. Sorry! :monster: