Founder Status



I had paid for evolve previously but do not have the founder status on my account.


Do you remember how/where you bought your copy?


i bought it on steam


should I contact the steam support to see if they can look it up?


So Behemoth isn’t available to all Founders - only those who pre-ordered or paid for him separately. Did you preorder it or pay for the Behemoth DLC?


I was referring to the icons more than anything and whatever is future


I think I confused this thread with another when I posted which is terrible.

If you right-click Evolve in your Steam Library and select Properties, go to the DLC Tab and let me know if you see “Evolve Founder” in there.


The dlc page is empty


In that case, look up your Steam ID: and post it here.

I’m sure one of the devs will be able to take a look into it as to why you are not getting the Founder’s pack.


76561198081862690 Thats the number


Looking into it now.

  • Gertz


Great!! Thank you


Any update?


Sorry for the delay…unfortunately we cant track this issue on our side.

After talking to 2K they want us to send everyone to their CS department and fill out a ticket on their end so they can start tracking these and hopefully find a pattern.

Make sure to include as much information as possible, Steam ID, screenshots of your store page, etc.

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