Founder Status not found



I’ve seen a post like this before, but i believe it was locked. I don’t see my founder status in the DLC pannel in the game, even though i activated the key on steam.


What do you see in the DLC panel, and do you know your Steam profile URL?


IT says Savage Goliath Skin
Evole - Behemoth
And that it.
I have no idea how to look it up :smiley:


Ok, this is a similar issue other people are having and we’re looking into it. :smiley:


Do you have an estimate on when it might be resolveD?


No estimate currently. There’s some weirdness going on between our profile service, Steam, and My2K. All parties are investigating, but it may be a little while before we figure out what’s happening.


You think it got something to do with stem post purchase product activation? Evolve was already installed, before u purchased the key.



Please see this topic regarding Founder Status issues