Founder Status not active?


I’m a little confused. I played Evolve for 600+ hours, unlocked every character and perk. Played ESL and now I get back to the Evolve Stage 2 and I don’t understand what I am getting exactly.

I didn’t get my 3000 tokens (already lvl 6), I have to unlock all characters except the DLC ones. And I am lacking a few skins I did have in the past. Might be that I’m missing something, but on first glance I do not.

Did my founder status not activate, am I missing something or is there something that went wrong?


Atleast you have the update.


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I need two things from you, @Silverborn!

  1. Can you get me your Steam ID 64 from
  2. In your Steam Library, right-click Evolve to open Properties, go to the DLC tab, and see if “Evolve Founder” is listed in there. Let me know.


I’ve changed the category to ‘bugs’ too. :slight_smile:


Secret stuff ***

And in my DLC tab there is no Evolve Founder


@snowkissed any luck?


Thanks for the info, we’re investigating!


Can you give me an update when it’s fixed? This is kinda a bummer if I wanna play different characters but need to play an insane amount to unlock one… and then get them anyway haha.


I have the same problem, after loading the update I didn’t automatically get the Founder’s DLC. I don’t want to share my Steam ID, can I contact you via email?


You can click on her username and send a PM.


Already tried that but all I see is what badges she has and when she joined.


Can you guys let me know how you got your copy of Evolve? Is it your copy or are you using family share?


Try it now.


I got a presscode waaay back. But I bought all the DLC myself.


Founder is in my DLC list now :slight_smile: thanks! Ill remove my steam id stuff just to be a bit safe :slight_smile:


Yeah, we just adjusted some of the press codes. Glad to hear it’s fixed!