Founder status is "bugged" (I am not sure) for me




First of all,i am really enjoy’ing new evolve (now it’s even better game than it was guys ;D)
but that’s not what i should write about,so i am a founder,and i got my bonus silver keys,i got all badges and other profile things,but i THINK ( i am really not sure,pls don’t kill me if i am wrong) founders are getting all hunters and monsters that are currently in the game :stuck_out_tongue: Atleast friend told me that,is it true ? If it is,i did not got them :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you please add some screenshots and such of the Profile screen and maybe the store page?


Actually, as I recall, you get all the ones you owned before.

So if you just bought the base game, you’ll have Tiers 1-3. If, however, you bought all DLC, you’ll have everything.


OH,it works THAT way XD :smiley: :smiley: DLC hunters and monsters were the only one’s (besides Lennox,i bought her DLC) i haven’t got :stuck_out_tongue: Ok,i am stupid,we can close this one :wink:


Heh, a lot of people made that mistake, don’t worry.

Although with those extra 30k Keys you can easily buy them all.