Founder Status for Ex-Console Players


So when Evolve first came out I excitedly preordered the game on my PS4 as I didn’t have a computer that could handle the game nor friends who wanted to play it with me. Flash forward to today and I have a beast of a computer and the game has died down on console to say the least… But what I’m wondering is if there is some way via a 2k account or something else for me to earn the Founder status that i arguably payed for on my new platform of preference? I understand that sometimes things like this aren’t possible because of the trouble that comes with giving status away to players but figured the forums would be the place to ask since I’m very excited to play Evolve again in a community that is getting back on its feet and growing again! Really excited for everything that Stage 2 means for this game!


You could create a new steam account to just play it and wait for the devs to finish whatever it is that they needed to bring stage 2 to console i guess.

since you don’t have the issue of not having a decent pc rig to play it.


I have a Steam account and have been playing Stage 2 quite a bit already. I don’t want founder status on console is the real issue here for me. I understand that a bunch of people will want to play the game on console and as fun as it was on console I don’t have friends who have PS4’s and want to play it on that platform. I enjoyed the game on console but I would rather play the new Stage 2 as a founder on pc were i can play in lobbies with people I know and don’t have to worry about random matchmaking. The only thing i really want out of founder status is the old hunters so i can play people i enjoyed but have to wait for either a rotation or for me to get enough credits to unlock around 12-16 characters for that each cost at least 5000ish keys.


That’s the trouble with such games that don’t have cross platform features… That’s why i stick to PC…

Well this issue only TRS can answer you


They have said they are looking into it, but at this moment it is not something that can be done.


Yeah. Honestly I’m gonna play the game either way I just would enjoy the bonuses of having all my old hunters back and any free skins or icons and stuff i get would just be a neat little bonus.


Like Chromatic said, currently it’s not possible. But the devs are looking for a way to make it wor. Hopefully they can!