Founder status but no Meteor Goliath Badge



I have founder status and it is checked in steam dlc. In fact i have the other 4 founder status badges. (2 background & 2 foreground) but i don’t have the Meaty badge that was recently given out to founders.


You checked the grouping of badges that is behind the Meaty Badge that looks like the Danzig skull, yes?


Yes it is locked


Was hoping the patch might unlock, but it’s still locked


I’m guessing @snowkissed is who i need to tag?


Going to need your steam ID please!




You should have it now :slight_smile:


Yes i do, Thank you for the fast work. I just want to point out after searching through the forums it seems that badge in particular likes to be stubborn for founders. Thanks again


Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on with it.

Glad you’re all sorted out now!