Founder Status and Items/Skins


OK, so I’m late coming to this so-called “Stage 2”, the reason why will be mentioned very shortly, and I have a few questions. No doubt most of you will have heard these at some point but I need things clarifying due to confusion on my part.

So, after Pre-Ordering the Evolve: Monster Race Edition for PC, which wasn’t easy with my income, now the game I paid all that for is free and what I get for months of scraping together money is a relatively paltry 3K keys and a few skins, am I understanding that correctly? I’ve been away from the Evolve pages for quite some time as I had a stroke, I come back to check it out, see if there’s anything I need to catch up on and I am welcomed by this cyber-game of Roshambo where I’ve got fluffy slippers on and Turtle Rock are sporting a fairly hefty pair of Doc bloody Marten’s in return and are demanding to go first.

As said, I could be getting confused over everything I’m reading, crossed wires, if you will, as I am still quite fuzzy where thinking comes into it. If it makes it easier for you to get close to how I feel after living my life with a rather pleasing and grinning-like-a-smug-tw@ IQ of 157, now it’s easier to think of me as the human equivalent of a spongecake where understanding is concerned, at least for now, anyway.

Have I basically nailed it where us “Founders” are concerned or have I missed some critical piece of information that stopped everybody who pre-ordered from going all “Frankenstein’s Monster is living in the Turtle Rock Studios, let’s join these friendly villagers who are taking tools and helpful items to him, such as flaming torches, to see better as the dusk sets in, and pitchforks, to help move the hay from the front yard, to go and have a nice, cosy chat. How considerate, these sound like my kinda people!!” and basically being subdued and forgiving of what’s going on?

Sorry if I#m bleating on where most of the hubbub has ceased, if it helps, try to believe me when I say that I’ll probably be late for my own funeral, too

Thank you all for your time and, hopefully, non-flamey responses and I wish you all a great day/night ahead of you!

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You get some freebies and get to keep any of the characters/skins you had purchased before as well as any new “adaptations” of characters you own that are released. Oh and I guess they’ll continue to give out freebies and early access to something or other, maybe characters or betas or something.

I know it doesn’t really sound like a lot and it really isn’t when you payed as much as most of us have for this game but still, at least Evolve is well evolving. Better to be a “founder” with cheap trinkets to sate our rage than have no community to play the game with, right?


^ this guy basically nailed it

But in case you haven’t seen this Topic yet, I’ll link it for ya:



Please ask any questions or concerns in that Topic as you’ll have an easier time getting responses from Devs if that’s what you want :slight_smile:


Unlocked temporarily for OP


You also get to stop waiting half an hour for a five minute match, if that’s any consolation. I for one am grateful.


Thank you for opening this temporarily.

I wanted to thank everybody who has replied. I wasn’t aware of most of the information that you have provided/linked to and I’m still a little wary about the whole thing, but maybe that’s just paranoia. Once my hand is in use again, I’ll have to jump on and see what it’s like.

I didn’t wish to come across ungrateful and be a dick, part of what I posted was me trying to understand everything that has been said previously, so, again, thank you for your time and replies, they are appreciated.

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Do you know what the story is with our elite skins?

I really liked those (along with the badges I’d earned), and am a little bit annoyed that’s all been taken away. Starting progression again I understand, but the cosmetic stuff - and yes, it is only cosmetic stuff, I know - seemingly could’ve stayed with us…


Yeah, a lot of people have been discussing this. Personally, I prefer it this way because now I can actually play the game, and the game is invariably better than before.

Would you prefer having spent 120 dollars on a loading screen?


They reset the progression, the old elite skins are re-unlocked when you hit level 20 and an entire new set when you reach level 40, or so I hear. Its worth noting that the level 20 hunter skins are the old weapon skins and at level 40 you get actual hunter skins that recolor your character’s body.


Are they? I hit level 20 with some of my characters and I have not received those.


What they left out is, “If you’re a console gamer, we don’t give a crap about you.”


I don’t have it yet as I’m on console but from what I’ve read here on the forums, you’re supposed to get them at 20 and 40.


It’s level 35, not 20 for the old elite skins @xcrimsonlegendx

Some misinformation is floating around the forums, please inform people if you see level 20 for this questions. Thanks!