Founder, season pass, unlocks and all



I’m am a founder who bought the Master Race Edition (with Season Pass, on PC) and some additionnal DLCs like monsters and weapons skins. As I understand, all founders get the same things, everything unlocked and so far… But what’s in for me ?

First, I’ve lost all my unlocked stuffs in-game (like badges for examples) and I didn’t get anything more for owning the season pass and additionnal DLC.

So… I feel a bit injured…


You don’t have anything unlocked that was unlocked previously?

Also you get special animated badges, other badges have to be unlocked I believe.


Yeah, I get the special animated badges, but that’s all. All my previous badges are now locked and I’m back to level 1.


Hey, well first off, WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!

Secondly, I know how you feel, knowing money went down the drain. I am on ps4, so I haven’t got the patch yet but to see people pay more money, just to get it stuff early in a sense is kinda cruel in a way… I wish they would do something


Yes, your progress is reset because you now master each character individually. This is working as intended.

Badges are all locked and can be unlocked via progression but you get your characters unlocked, animated badges, and 3,000 keys to spend.


You do get more! Normal founders don’t get exclusive season pass skins that you previously purchased or the DLC hunters you bought.


Founders also get to start with 24 perks (12 on each side - hunter and monster), so that’s a huge chunk you don’t have to unlock. Then, in the future, Founders will receive all adaptations of hunters they already own for free - no need to unlock.

It may feel crappy to lose your progress, but it’s a new adventure with Stage 2. There’s a lot more to unlock with the new progression system besides the old badges and elite skins. :slight_smile:


All DLC hunters are unlockable now through playing the game correct? also the skins and badges really don’t matter to me . Your asking people to give feed back and I keep seeing more and more people tell you that owners of DLC are not being fairly compensated for there purchase. I think everyone is fine with the base game being free and the perks of the base game founder perks, but the DLC is a sore subject because anyone can get this now. The “keys” we got don’t really cover all the ranks we lost in the previous build and the new “founder badge” doesn’t cover all the badges most of lost from hours of game play. Every Comment from the devs is just well you get founder perks and a cool badge and stuff later on. But never respond with a fair response to people who bought DLC or got a more expensive version of the game.


EVERYONE who bought the game day one is getting screwed, especially on consoles. All the DLC that was purchased was money down the drain.


so if you bought the dlc characters like emet or jack, you wont be able to get it back? :no_mouth:


I lost my badge as well! So bummed. I had the badge with the guy with the mustache. I dont get why i lost it. I had to grind the evolve app to earn it! How do I get that badge back?


Founders get all the stuff they bought previously, if you have the season pass then you have the characters from that seasson pack unlocked for “free”. If you bought any character individually or any skin you get it too on the new version.

I have the base game and i have unlocked for “free” all the base characters but the DLC characters like Gorgon, Emet, Crow, Sunny etc… i need to play and unlock them.

So you dont lose anything that was previously purchased, the only thing that is reseted is the progression because they have changed it to a new one with new perks and unlocks.


So wait a second…not only do those of us who bought the game on day one NOT get anything but useless badges, but we actually LOSE the characters we already had, and have to unlock them again? WTF!!!


No, that is not the case


All I’m doing is reading what people are saying here. The guy above me just said he had to play to unlock the DLC characters that were previously purchased.


I believe he said he paid for the base game only. Not dlc.


God almighty…the more I read about this massive update, the more I feel like the game is being completely ruined and the original buyers of the game are endlessly screwed.


How do you get badges back that were earned in HQ app??


This game went from barely playable (player base was stupid low) to playable and fun as heck.

As someone who preordered PCMR and then went ahead and bought a bunch of awesome skins I an say that I don’t feel “cheated” out of my money, because I recognise that I was paying for the game early, in the state it was. I got to use the game for a year and a bit before it went f2p, and now the f2p update has brought me back after 6 months+ of being away because it has a bunch of interesting new features and has people to play with.

Why the heck are people feeling like they’re cheated!?


Because we ARE being cheated. We bought a $60 game on release day, plus paid additional money for the Hunting Season Passes and whatever skins we chose to buy - now people are getting ALL of that, and more, for FREE, while we get NOTHING but some stupid badges. That’s WRONG, plain and simple.