Founder Question [answered]



I’m guessing I’m just SoL on this one but figured I’d throw it out there anyways: If I have console Evolve is there any way to get founder stuff on PC too / instead? Or do I have to play on Console to get the unlocks?

I don’t really care too much either way, though it would be nice to get the stuffs since I did buy the game.


As of now, this is not possible. But perhaps in the future?


No. If you want the “Founder” exclusive items and future items then you will need to purchase a copy of Evolve for PC. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until the update comes on Consoles.

There are no plans for this sort of thing as far as I know.


I thought I saw a dev somewhere mention it being a possibility in the future, Oh well, who knows


You’re correct!

People need to read this entire thing I guess before