Founder edition is not activating



I am a founder and have not recieved my bonuses, the game has become so much better than before and i enjoy it even more at the moment and would love to have my bonuses so i can enjoy everything. @LadieAuPair i havent received my founder status, can you check it please? my steam link is


Hi there,

You’ll need to contact 2k Customer Support so that they can check your my2k account and get it hooked up to your rewards.


I already did but they are not responding and a streamer said to me that i could contact you guys.


We’ve chatted to the devs and this area is one that 2K have the control over. All that the devs here would do is contact 2K support too.

When did you contact them?


I have contact them a few days ago, got a response once to send back information i had already send and now not getting replied to for 2/3 days.


So is there any chance U could help me ?


I’m not in a position to help you, I’m just someone on the forum. @snowkissed may be able to help with 2k’s delay in getting back to you perhaps


So all i have to do is wait now and hope 2k or @snowkissed kan help me ?


Unfortunately there isn’t anything I or anyone at TRS can do at this point :frowning: We just don’t have control over Founder Status or Steam game ownership.


So what do i have to do now ? @snowkissed i still did not get any email back and i just want my founders edition, should not be that hard right ?


Just to double check, if you look at your DLC, do you see something that says Evolve Founder and is it checked?

If you don’t see that option, then yes, you need to wait for 2K support because TRS can’t fix that issue from their end :slight_smile:


So can’t u help me get the support i need of 2k support because apperently i can’t get their attention.


Having the same issue here. Also sent request to 2K and was told here that problem is getting looked into. Hopefully we will get a resolution soon.


If you just submitted the request recently it may take them a day or two.