Found picture and name of new trapper?


So I made suggestion before that the bald looking guy on the badge creator on the beta could be the new trapper as the silouete looked very similar.

Now playing the hunter’s quest I find out that these guy’s are called time warrior’s, seems like quite a title not to be utililized as a hunter.
what do you think?


I think that’s its a different company or group of planet tamers.


Whatever he is, that granny looks armed to the teeth.


Im sure this is the trapper, also one of the other badges actually had the big spines like the one in the new hunter reveal silouete.


Those aren’t spines. They look to be weapons/jetpack protrusions. Plus, look at the new trapper’s spines. They’re very, very slim/sleek, and all uniform in length and shape. They look nothing like this in short.


Not on this one I said in the beta one of the badges was identical too the silouete of the new trapper, my point is that he was probably a time warrior also which would seem to make sense


Ah. Got it.