Found my issue with Silver hunters! LAZZ!


Sick of Laz players, Played against a team of Silver players there again and lost, Team consists Of:

Waste land Maggie,
And the assault with the rockets on his back, Not really important player,

Its the ultimate dodge team, and On your ass team, Again the teams abilities seemed pretty average, nothing special about the players,Playing in Distillery ( A map I hate playing with Goliath ) all they had to do is put a telleporter up near the caves and the other end on the main building before the reactor, So If I went to the caves up the top and set off bird they where there in a heart beat at both ends of the map, soon as they come out Daisy picks up your scent and well brings them straight to ya, Kill the hunter (trapper twice) I got no strikes on her,

I gave them a good go, but because of the tracking set up I had to run too much at stage 1 as for whatever reason food was scarce, Im usually almost half way round the stage dial before I have to worry about being caught up on, This team wins games because they make the most of the hunters and know to a fair degree how to use them on the map, I’m not the best player myself but I felt I was battling the hunters perks rather than their actually fighting skill, If I could run and not get shot and stage up to 3 I think they where pretty screwed once the tracking abilities where deamed useless.

I used Goliath with 2 on fire breath and 1 on leap smash, plus the perk was smell range, If I hadnt got that I reckon i was doomed at stage 1,

The only reason Laz gets away is he usually goes invisible when I attack and doesnt panic and turn and run so you dont see his jets, Hes really annoying, I took them down and he revives them and it was just like they where never downed to begin with, No strikes once laz is still alive but when you attack he runs and goes invisible and he aint very slow either.

So apart from my Complaining about Laz my question is how do you combat these teams on this map?or similarly open maps?


I notice all you write about on your posts are complaints against Goliath (which appears to be the only monster you play). People have helped you countless times. And Laz is easy to fight against if you know to take care of him first.


Laz on his own is fine, but in a combo as listed hes pretty awkward to kill, especially at stage 1,


Attack Laz 1st. When he cloaks, you can smell his footprints. Follow prints and hit him with your melee. If you still lose him, attack support and force him to use his cloak. Wait until Laz cloak is over and give him more pressure. Remember you don’t need to kill him on 1st stage. Just take care to not take too much damage.


does he take a stike when you take him down? I played pretty much the same team on med lab, they where bronze in medlab, but because no kala they couldnt keep up,so game lasted about 7 minutes, its mainly that distillery map i have issues with, is that map better suited to different mosters?


Lazarus is a trial by fire for the Bronze/Silver boundary level monsters I feel. You have to spend some frustrating matches finding your way until you get to the point where you’re no longer facing Laz medics because they know that it just won’t work against a monster that is switched on.


I agree, I really need to sit down for a good few hours playing to notice the little things i should be doing and the things i am doing wrong, but at the moment not a luxury i have but i should soon, its not so much laz, its that combo on that kinda map, there isnt a whole lot o up and down terrain and very little cover from birds, if that was a different map like the dam i would have stood a much better chance with goliath,


Down the trapper first thing and then run immediately. Don’t sneak if they have daisy. Laz will rez the trapper without a strike but that doesn’t matter because you are free to run and stage up. Once you get to stage 3 go after Laz.


You make a lot of topics asking for help, but as more and more topics pop up I have the feeling we can’t help you much by just giving general tips.

Maybe you can record your gameplay and show us a match where you had problems against the hunters. Then we can pinpoint exactly what went wrong.

Maybe it’s not Laz (+ said team comp) who’s the problem, but something completely else you don’t notice.

A video would really help us being able to help you.


Yea thats true, I will have to figure out the Xbox recording system soon, I dont have it long and I’m a complete noob to Xbox and have only had time to play evolve on it, havent really looked at the console much else,

when i figure it out i will record the match i’m against silver premade team, I’m sure I am probabl doing something stupid thats just a bad habits, plus I have only ever played against bronze players so they can actually be very disorganised, I played and killed a team earlier fast just because they made silly mistakes like splitting up, whereas if someone splits away its a team fault, so this is the kind of teams I am used to because I cant seem to break the silver teams very often as I gained habits from less organised and some pretty organised players, my win/lose ratio is 75/43 which is 64% at present, but lose one game against silver and its like I drop right back down to bronze and plenty of determining rank players,

I would say for every 7-8 bronze games I play I get 1 silver match, So I know I must have some really bad habits from being stuck in this pigeon hole,


@skills4u2envy maybe that’s why we can’t get out of Silver?


@Mindoci Truth.

@XYNK84 You can record up to 5min on the xbox by double tapping the xbox button on the remote, snapping the game DVR, select end clip and 5min. It will record 5min of previous gameplay so do this at the end of your clip.

Also, do not worry about being stuck in the bronze rank as monster. Hunter teams get drastically better in high silver and it becomes way more frustrating fighting them. At that point Laz aint even an issue, there are worse comps to go against.


I think we’re just average, and severely out of practice.
I was almost Silver Elite once upon a time… sigh


Speak for yourself, this man never rusts!


Sometimes Tom… sometimes I just want to strangle you :unamused:


Tips :

Kill the trapper . Drop the mobile arena

Go evolve … kill some one important like assault (to take out the damage while you are camping the body ) or support

Good practice against laz . I guarantee You that he is not going to be a problem anymore

Smell … look fo laz

Use pounce / abilities that reveal laz

Kill laz . You win the match

Good luck

Good news for monster that can’t deal with laz : Laz will be reworked in the next patch

Reviving device will only put no strike if the hunter is not dead


This is an early aggression comp, so the counter is to sneak a lot and wait until stage 3 to fight.


yea I dont mind the truth, if I am shit I wanna know why! I prefer straight talkers, I dont get offended on forums, assault is actually quite easy to kill, I generally dont worry about him too much as I usualy hit him a couple of time he shields up I wait and turn on someone else then back to assault once his shield is used up,

yea i heard about the strike, it should really have been in place to begin with, my main issue above though really isnt laz I’m more concerned about that combination, its a good combo if you have a good team together, in that match i think kala was more the issue combined with daisy, maggie was actually quite a bad hunter but daisy done the work and all mag had to do was dome, fighting was terrible, killed her twice and ran for it,

when you evolve you need roughly a 10 second window of time which you gain by running and feeding, but the teleporter placement and daisy made this window so small on that map, all they had to do is shoot at me and i would have to stop feeding and kill something else, but then that sets off more birds and it becomes a vicious circle of trying to find food and gain a window of time to feed and evolve, I mainly find I am a bit unbalanced as far as food vs time goes, plus food is quite sparce unless your down near the water, steamadon only gives 2 and the monkey guys give 1,


you mean a team aimed at getting you early and flushing you out? if this was the refueling tower map or armory or barrack I am pretty confident I would have won and pretty efficiently by comparison given the teams actual fight skill werent great, they where just really good at keeping you on your toes and stopping me feeding for armor etc, the map doesnt seem to have many tricky areas where I could confuse the hunters and if I am running and jumping on this distillery map its quite obvious where you are, I usually find ways around these things but this map just gets me alot, I dont always lose on it just have a harder time at times


found some good info “here on maps” that until now I wasnt aware of, knowing these buffs helps alot, until know I thought everything was randomized.