Found a short clip from a new map!


So, I was going back through some of the old livestreams and something caught my eye. In this video at about 1:41, we see a demo clip of Griffin shooting a Blitz Leopard with his SMG. the only map that we’ve seen the Blitz Leopard on so far has been distillery but this doesn’t look like a snow map. Looks like a barren rocky area with a dirt trail.


It actually looks like a new map.
Good find :slight_smile:


Dang, you guys really pick apart these vids! Awesome the stuff you find while I’m too busy ogling the overall gameplay and sceneary, yet even so, too oblivious to pay attention to maps. Honestly it will take me a good while to get the maps down by heart. Too busy admiring! Probably die looking at the cool flesh-eating plants.


I wasn’t trying to pick the videos apart lol. I was just rewatching some old videos and I just happened to notice the blitz leopard. I was surprised to see it (no idea why) so I backed up the stream and I realized it didn’t look like Distillery. I’m surprised @Plaff didn’t catch it first as far as I’m aware


Great find, don’t think I’d of ever noticed that if you hadn’t pointed it out


Also, at 02:18, the doors to the Fusion Plant are closed where the generator usually is. Maybe that’s part of another game mode where the generator isn’t a secondary objective?


Could someone please post screenshots on here? I would quite like to see but alas, my IPad doesn’t have the Java or flash or whatever to see Twitch’s archived videos D:


Sorry, I can’t upload screen shots off of my phone. I’ll try on my iPad when I get home if it will let me


Color me impressed. That slipped right past me!

The presence of blitz-leopards probably indicates a level with lots of verticallity. I look forward to hearing more on it!