Found a hacker


Player rank 15 on leaderboards at the time of this post is hacking, the player’s name is all rectangles/squares (the type you get when characters or fonts cannot be used).

I played with him 2 games back to back, he picked Crow and proceeded to shoot the ground until suddenly the monster was dead, wherever it was. He did this in both games I had him/her in and won the game in seconds. He had 8 or 9 win streak at the time.

I wanted to report his steam, but since you could only check someone’s steam profile only at players joining screen, I could not, since he left afterwards (probably because he knew if he stayed, he was getting reported)


We don’t allow call outs on the forums, and although it’s not “name shaming” when you post a person’s leaderboard number, I’m still pretty sure it still constitutes as a call out.

I’m gonna edit the title, and if a mod could edit the main post, that’d be great. Or tell me if I’m wrong. That works too. :heart:


Refer to this thread:


U can press ESC during hunt after drop ship conversation starts and select player options to view steam profile…


Please report using the information provided. :slight_smile: