Found a good trick


I dont know if it actually works but, when the Monster is about to get sneak pounce on Hyde, he can throw Toxic Grenade and when the Monster jumps on him it gets damaged from Toxic grenade and sneak attack will cancel


Hee, good one!

Similiar is with Markov’s Arc Mine or Bucket’s turret. Once the deployable is active, it will knock the monster of you.


That is a cool idea! The only trick is if you know you will be pounced. If the monster is sneaky enough, there is no escape, but if you have good reaction time, it should work!


Yeah it is helpful when you fight the monster and its trying to get the sneak attack on you


A tactic I’m keen to try is to:

  1. Let the Monster pounce Assault
  2. Get Maggie to place as many Harpoon Mines around the Monster as possible
  3. Orbital Barrage the Monster whilst he’s locked in place

If I remember rightly, Maggie’s mines do no damage, so the Monster won’t be interrupted from the pounce. It’ll be really hard to do, but it could probably work :thumbsup:


Wow this would be hard to do but if you can create this combo-GG for the Hunters


Ideally, bait this with assault and pop the shield before going down to maximize down time before death. This could be a brutal wombo combo strike!


You could also get some tranqs from Val in too, since they do no damage either


That could totally be done with Val, Hank, and Maggie - all starting characters! I may have to try to coordinate a strike like this at some point :stuck_out_tongue:


Can the monster cancel their pounce? Have a chew for a bit and then release?


This is something I’d like to test as well, sounds pretty devastating. You could also have Hank use his shield if need be


I’m pretty sure the monster can cancel the pounce as well. That being said. I kinda hope that Toxic grenades can’t push a monster off the generator. Otherwise, if you are experienced at throwing grenades, you can remain safely far away and keep pelting the Generator area from a far enough distance to prevent the alt. monster win.


The monster can cancel, but that’s where the harpoons come in


You would ideally still be smelling and seeing someone creep up to you. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds like a good tactic, but the trapper and support really need to work well in tandem. The best way for it to work would be to stealth in on the approach to helping your buddy. Assaults would make for great bait as they can shield themselves.


Well hopefully monster players will be rotating the camera around them to watch the other hunters and not just staring at the one they have pounced.