Forza Motorsport 6 and Fallout 4 Xbone Players Come Here! (Contest)


Alright so I have 2 codes that I have got randomly, I do not play these games and I’ve had them for a Month trying to figure out a contest for them. So I got one but lets get into the codes before I tell you what’s up. Both on Xbox One

Code 1: Fallout 4 = Chryslus Rocket 69 Sports Car

Code 2: Forza Motorsport 6 = Ford GT LM

Now here’s what I want you guys to do. You guys have two weeks to create a 4 - 6 paragraph scary story, I will then send this to a YouTuber known as Be.Busta to see if it gets up on his channel (Don’t worry I will make sure to tell him it is NOT my story :slight_smile: ) then the Most two voted stories will be the winner and they can request the code.

Rules A.K.A TL;DR

  1. 4 - 6 Paragraph Story (Please submit one entry)
  2. You have ONLY TWO WEEKS! (Ends Monday July 4th at 5:00 EST)
  3. Must include what code you desire (Cannot be both)
  4. Most Voted will Win
  5. Winners will have their story sent to a Scary Story Reading YouTuber


Here I was a level 4 newb, and the lvl 40 picked… ELDER KRAKEN. (have both codes already)


Yea I figured they weren’t rare :smile:


I moved the thread because It’s a contest, and I also changed the title because I was unsure what the thread was about, so I added contest into it too.

I don’t have an XB1 so I can’t enter. :wink:


I changed the title because I was unsure what the thread was about.

I don’t have an XB1 so I can’t enter. :wink:


It’s not an Evolve themed contest, hence the reason it is in the Off Topic section. :slight_smile:

Edit: Thanks for adding the “Contest” tag though!


Leave the poor topics alone! :stuck_out_tongue:


So just wondering if anyone is actually doing this, and I’ll just give the winning person the codes to give to friends if they wish and will send it to Be.Busta


Missing anymore writers? Should I include Matthew Colville?


I’m thinking about, but I have no use for the codes.


It’s the thought that counts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: