Forza 6 Xbox One Console Hype

I’m stoked for this game and the console edition for it is beautiful!
Yes it cannot compare to pc :’( BUT to my fellow Xbox players, I want all of you to know this is coming out soon.
It has a terabyte hardrive and customize audio and controller plus forza 6 all for 399.99 plus tax. Should be out late September.
I kinda wish they had done forza horizon 3 instead though, lol.

random to comment on this. but sadly i will always admit defeat.

Forza > project cars > driveclub

the ps4 car games currently have WAY to small of a collection. im the odd one tho. I want the c class and b class cars in the game. cars I currently own or am planning to get. the S class supercar is just…not appealing to me if thats all that there is to race with.

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