Forwarding crash dumps



Is there any way of forwarding the crash dump files (mostly the crashing to desktop) to you guys?
Not much use if no one ever looks at them :grin:


Devs are always on here checking over bugs, so make a bug report about a specific issue and you could either provide a link to the dump file, or wait for a dev to pick up on it and ask for more info :slight_smile:

Sometimes things you post as bugs may not get a response from a dev, usually this means itโ€™s on their radar and they have enough information.


Yeah internally we have been talking about finding a better and more organized way of submitting these, but right now we use a ghetto and ill-considered method: I PM someone and ask them to email the zipped dump to me. Needs improvement.


Yeah, sounds like a somewhat slow system too.
Found this site though:
How about expanding that and enable us to upload the .dmp files directly?


That would be a @Shaners or @LadieAuPair question I believe.


That was the idea at one point before @DamJess left who was championing it. Weโ€™re having conversations about this again.