Forums saves the day err.... game anyway!


So last night I found myself with some free time and wanted to play Evolve because it’s an awesome game. I sat in the loading screen for 20+ minutes waiting for hunters, then waiting for a monster… then someone backed out so it was back to the drawing board on the match. Finally a match loaded and we were off hunting a mean savage skinned Wraith. We caught him on the side of a canyon and I was lighting him up with Blitz Markov while the rest of the crew were doing there jobs very effectively. The message popped up that the monsters armor was gone and we were ripping the health from the poor guy, like most matches it was an exciting and fun experience. I had the lightning gun fired up and the color of the bolt just switched to gold, without any doubt this monster was bagged and tagged… then the screen goes black and I’m back to the xbox home screen. Pissed!!! So I get on the forum to bitch about it and like true forum fashion my post is edited to save anyone out there from seeing a curse word and it ruining their life then my post is moved to another topic because it was close to one that was posted over a year ago or something like that. But before it was moved over to the rant page with over 600 posts where no one would see it I saw a reply from Bucket_Sentry_Gun that was such a simple and somehow overlooked solution to my plight. You ever catch yourself saying to yourself, “Wow, that is a great idea I am a moron!” Well that’s what happened after Bucket informed me to try quick play. I have never tried quick play because I just like hunt mode and didn’t care much for arena or really any other modes. But I did try quick play and I am glad I did. Thank you Bucket for your response.

I hit quick play and the first match started in the middle of a match giving me the option to take over a bot and the bot that I could take over was the awesome Elder Kraken! Pretty cool twist on the Kraken abilities with this rendition of Death from Above. It was a blast, even though the match began in the middle and I found myself half dead from the start it was still fun. After the initial match all matches began from the beginning and cycled to the next match quickly once a match was over. Even though I was in quick play mode most of the matches were hunts but even if it wasn’t a hunt match it was still enjoyable and I was able to get good points for my characters. The main draw back is that you don’t get to choose which class you want as well as ranked matches but luckily with Evolve all characters are fun to play.

So to sum this up, thank you Bucket and I hope this helps someone else out there that finds themselves in a situation somewhat like mine, limited time and a craving to hunt a monster. Happy hunting.


A good number of players are flexible in their class and will switch classes for some people. So it never hurts to ask!


I love posts like this. I am glad that you were able turn things around. :smiley:


And more people read that rant thread that l than you would think!


Agreed, we don’t get enough threads like this.

Happy to hear you’re love for evolve is still growing @Knuckledjustice. Hopefully it will continue to do so. :slightly_smiling:


Glad to see it worked!! :heart:


Also, no problem, always happy to help C:


yea. i’m one of them. lol.


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