Forums could use some work


Are there any plans for a more standard forums layout with sub-forums and the like? I understand “Categories” is supposed to fill this role, but there’s still a lot of clutter trying to look for and create topics of interest.


Discourse (the software powering these forums) is not like typical forum software. It takes some getting used to, but I’ve found that I enjoy it a lot more now that it’s not so new to me. Just give it a chance.


The forums aren’t usually this bogged down…it was seeing some 20 new posts a day and now we’re up at about 100 new per day, heh.


We can sort some things out with a few subcategories, @DamJess is normally the one who adds them so if you have any suggestions in mind at all, that would be cool. :smile:


Some categories for feedback on each of the hunters and monsters specifically would be nice, as well as a separate one for general discussion of them would also be welcome; it would allow for better and more specific forms of feedback and discussion. A section for each platform so that players could easily look for more players, among other things. I just feel a lot of the categories are broader than they should be.


I like the sound of those ones, especially about each Hunter/Monster. :smile:


It would create a place for a lot of great and useful threads. Guides/tips would start popping up more frequently, Devs could make stickies asking for specific kinds of feedback. A lot of words get lost at sea or don’t have a port to truly call home currently.

For example, I’ve been hearing relentless discussion about how OP Kraken is, I don’t agree at all. I take @MacMan stance that the tools are all there, but people need to be taught some of the tricks. Here’s his post from the other day for people who may have missed it.