Forumic Entropy!


Entropy is the eternal, all-consuming process that will eventually, in approximately 10 to the 256 years, destroy the universe! Or, more accurately, render it a homogeneous soup of unusable energy unable to sustain the most rudimentary phenomena necessary to maintaining life, such as computation. I think most of us know what entropy is, so I’ll stop there.

However, here’s the question: Forumic entropy has a much smaller grand timescale, thus having an averse effect on the longevity of the aforementioned forums, so: When? When will the forums die, run out of energy, ideas, passion, or fall victim to sketchy software from Micro$oft? Perhaps never, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps launch, perhaps a year after launch.

What do you think? When will you, personally, give up on or say goodbye to these forums?


I’ll be mostly giving up on the forums once the game is out I’ll check one a day but I won’t watch it like I do currently.


I’ll only stop coming to the forums once Turtle rock stops updating the game. Even if I don’t feel like posting anymore, I’ll still lurk and check out all the patches the devs make and the strategies other members come up with.


I feel the same way. In the end I think it’ll be the old timers just hanging around for the nostalgia. But that’s only a few years down the line, I suppose.


When the game is running super well and they stop patching and i cant play with any more people because my friends list is maxed


I don’t know the mysteries of entropy! Google has me covered though :stuck_out_tongue:

As for when I’ll leave these forums? It’s hard to say. This is one of the VERY few forums I’ve actively spent time on compared to the hundreds of others I’ve been registered on, and I’m having myself one hell of a damn good time! These forums have this strange anomaly for having great users and a very responsive Dev + Moderation team, so that’s of course another reason why I enjoy spending time here.

I suppose that I’ll probably stop surfing around these forums the day that the TRS crew decides to retire or disband.

Oh… I have a sad :<


Yes, these forums and community are of an exceptionally high quality, which will make it even harder to say goodbye, eventually. This is actually the first E-Forum I’ve registered on. :smile:


I’ll probably throw it up in the background and comment occasionally, so nothing will change basically. I tend to stick to forums even when the game’s not my flavour of the month because it’s so easy to do so. These forums seem to move at a nice pace so there should be plenty to comment on.


@Sorrowgate @IWannaBeATiger @Ecwsandman13 I would like those comments, but I’m all out of likes. So I’ll just tell you.

I like those comments.


I wonder what the forums will be like after release. Honestly, my last active times here were right after the alpha and beta. The huge influx of newly joined members that funny really care and just wanted to complain kinda deterred me from putting for a bit.


That’s my main wonder. Will it boom, as some have predicted, or will it die, as other, admittedly less optimistic individuals have suggested?


There’ll be a lot more people as members I think but a lot less people who comment on everything and anything. Some parts of it will get smaller like the off topic while some will skyrocket like hunter suggestions and lfg parts.


Not to mention the massive influx of OP/UP threads as newcomers stream in.


I usually enjoy chiming in on those (that is, usually stubbornly explaining why something isn’t OP/UP) but have avoided it for the most part this time around. Weird. Character discussion is mostly what I comment on and I don’t mind preaching to the choir to pass the time. Usually you can get through to people. Maybe I should become the stubborn old fart that tells the newcomers what’s what when the game’s released.


I prefer to think optimistically that we will make fun of all the new players who call something op and show them how to play UP characters by stomping them in a game until the OP/UP stop showing up unless it truly is OP/UP.


Assuming they properly use the lfg section :laughing:. I feel for our mods! It was pretty funny playing with @SlinkyGuy and @Plaff during the beta and hearing them talk about the sheer number of threads they had to move and stuff.


Same here. It’s probably just that it’s tiring to explain over and over. Hell, I’m going to write up explanations for all the most likely topics-
Laz OP!
Bucket is useless! (No offence Slinky)
Kraken OP!
Abe OP!
Caira OP!
Hyde OP!
Markov is useless! (No offence Jess)
Maggie OP!
Griffin is useless! (No offence Chiprel)
Parnell OP!
Val OP!
Hank OP!
Cabot OP!
Goliath OP!
Wraith OP!
Bob- Behemoth OP!
Hunters OP!
Monsters OP!
Daisy OP!
Mammoth Birds OP!

That’ll probably be all us old timers.


I’ve heard and changed peoples minds about Abe being UP to being OP to the point where one of the pugs I was playing with one of the people who played monster threatened to quit if I picked Abe again after complaining a couple matches earlier that he was the worst trapper.


I like to think we’d show them nicely instead of laughing at them :stuck_out_tongue:

@Twisted you played with both Plaff and Slinky? Damn, I can’t because they’re not on pc :frowning: got to play with Sledge though. That was fun. Think she cracked a couple of jokes actually.

@MidnightMonash haven’t you heard? Markov is OP because mine damage. Hyde will be “toxic grenade UP”. I will personally start the mammoth bird thread by the way, only it’ll be “mammoth birds are pricks” and it’ll be after I land on four straight out of the dropship. My record is being dropped on 3. 75% damage in the first second of the game. I don’t care how much meat they’re worth, they’re all gonna die.


I don’t understand how they don’t get it. Learn to play, people! If he’s UP one moment and OP the next, then obviously it isn’t the character you pick, it’s your brain (or, more likely, lack thereof) so do something about it. Jesus.