Forum Preparation For The Coming Storm


I wanted to make a thread before the release of the game to discuss how ready the actual forums are for the coming massive influx of players. When the game releases and even in the next few days we are sure to get a huge influx of traffic and new members. I really think there needs to be a bit more direction when a new member joins.

I loved the Beta but the number of new threads about garbage or the number of repeat threads made it impossible to really navigate the forums imho. I think it would be beneficial to the forums if brand new members couldn’t start new threads for one. I think this is beneficial to both the forums as a whole and the new members who won’t really know how to navigate the forums to find what they are looking for yet. Let’s face it, the majority of the clutter came from new members not knowing how to use previous threads and because they were able to just make a new thread rather than actually search for something. I think our current way of handling it, i.e. moving and locking the bazzilion new threads is treating the symptoms rather than the disease if you catch my drift.

I also think we need a pinned thread at the VERY TOP for new members. It should be the first thing they see and our encouraged to read. A thread like this could explain the important things to new members and explain the way the forum works. For instance, when I first joined, I spent soon much time just trying to figure out how some of the things on the forum actually worked. This forum is really dedicated to Evolve but it also needs a bit of dedication to itself at this point. It is something in and of itself and it needs a guide on itself imo. It really has grown into a fine community so we need a bit of community direction.

I also think in that same thread we should make it very clear what the community doesn’t allow on the forums. I think most members have common sense and can tell from the forums vibe that this forums doesn’t put up with a lot of BS, trolling and harassment of members but I think it really should be put in writing for new members to see when they first join.

Let me know what you guys think as well as any other suggestions we can make to help ready the forums for the game release influx. I just know if I have to go through another period of 200 OP threads and 300 DLC is evil threads a day I will go crazy. Like do you know how much time I was spending trying to get through it all (I’m sure some of you do, especially the mods).

So much hate about this game on Eurogamer

I know that the mods are trying to organize and centralize a lot of the more common talking points’ threads.


Heil Hitler!


The fact you made that connecting right away is a little strange lol.


Lol no j/k.I can see what you’re saying and i like the idea.But how will that seem to the new players? :smile:

I just think that mods will have a greater job to do then.And ofc Leaders helping them.That’s all i can suggest


I feel bad for the mods already. They’re going to be working their butts off here the first few weeks and won’t even have much time to play Evolve :frowning:. The devs too… it’s going to get crazy around here.


I know it is a little bad because, I mean, I was able to make new threads when I first joined as well… but then again I didn’t because I didn’t want to look like an idiot and wanted to get a feel for the community first and not ask stupid questions lol.


And this is somewhat what I’m getting at. It’s not like new members wouldn’t be able to voice themselves lol. Lord knows there’s enough threads to go post “Wraith OP, game sux”… but seriously they they can still have their voice heard. And I’m not asking for a long period, nothing more than a week. Just enough time for new members to familiarise themselves.

It really is about the mrs sanity at this point lol. Why spend 4 hours everyday closing and moving threads when it could have been prevented in the first place.


they should just filter out the words DLC and OP so they both merge created threads into one large thread


Lazarus aproves of this message


Censor the words XD that’d be great… oo better yet, add something to the forum so any time anyone types OP, overpowered, UP, or underpowered, it changes it to ‘perfectly balanced’.

Ahh, the sweet bliss of balance.


Actually just like this white message we get when we log in the forums there could be something there Welcoming them.
Something like:


           *thanks for understanding*

PS.If someone is getting offended for inappropriate words just tell me to delete my comment.

I won’t do it i’m just saying it to show to the people i’m actually a serious and responsible person.


shouldn’t new players actually feel free to ask things when they don’t understand / know something? bad idea by making them not able to ask


If nothing else I’mm very firm on wanting a new members pinned topic. There really needs to be something of this nature to help guide new members. I would be happy to help with it as well as this is my community as much as everyone else and I want it to always be fun to log onto the forums… and it was not fun digging through all the crap during the Beta… not by a long shot.


They can ask though lol. There’s threads specifically made for them to ask questions. This is my point. But they don’t look for them because they can just make a new thread.


and how do you even know if their ‘‘new?’’ there could simply be a rank 7 goliath player that just created a forum account and wanting to make a topic


When I say new I mean specifically to the forums. The best Goliath player in the world and the most noob player in the world should both have to take two seconds to search for the correct thread lol.


While I am against censorship, I can also understand the OPs main point. To be fair, what new thread would be created that doesn’t already have an answer either here or on the many pages of wiki information? Logging on to the forums and seeing 400-500 new threads, and 80% of them were complaining about this being OP or that being UP etc… 15% were issues with the game. Crashing, stuttering etc… 4% being repeats of questions answered if they knew how to use a search button, and maybe 1% legit new threads that needed a new thread.


Sometimes I feel that people should pass a simple “Can you use a friggin search engine” before being allowed on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:


thats one thing i hate about all forums other than this one

if i talk about bukkake and how val is a man on ED forums BF forums or COH2 forums i get b&

i never really understood why most games forums are PG13 when the games they’re for have constant swearing