Forum page not updating


I’m not sure if this is a problem with my browser or with the forum layout, but while browsing through topics, the page with all of my threads and my notifications won’t update. For example, if I log in at 12:00 and a topic had a post 5 minutes ago & I hop into a thread for 15 minutes, then go back to the screen with all of the threads, it will still say that post from 20 minutes ago is still the last post even if 5 people have posted since and it will still show threads as un read even after reading them. Any threads I click on like this will also not show any new posts since I logged in when I enter the thread. Any notifications I get will also go back to how they were when I signed in. I can do a momentary fix where I refresh my browser and the page updates, but as soon as I come back to the main page, it goes back to what it was before. Any advice?


Clear cache or go for a walk?


Sorry not having this problem.


Hm not sure, wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?


I am. I just watched and commented on @Plaff’s new gameplay videos and they all just disappeared. unless they were tooken down :,(

and also sometimes i read stuff and it still says its unread over and over again.


I took that down myself. It’s just because I realised the footage might have been secretly recorded so I may get into trouble from @DamJess for posting it lol. I’ll un-delete it if I get told it’s okay posting :slight_smile:


Sometimes I have to look at the post a little while until it finally says it’s been “read” but it’s not that much of a big hinderance or anything! :smiley:


oh thank god i watched it the second it came out lol. i only got to the monster vids tho


Well, I had this problem twice in the past week at work as well as today, probably is the cache. How do I go about clearing it?


I think it’s the cache and/or how the forums themselves go about updating/refreshing things.

I personally haven’t noticed any issues, maybe a slight delay here or there on new posts or reading a thread and it highlighting the last newest post I didn’t read yet and so forth but nothing that took me as odd or out of the ordinary


Try this. Just scroll down to what you are using.


Thanks, will try when at work tomorrow


actually, all you do is click on the evolve forum at the opening layout and it clears everything up. I have been experiencing this and that does it fastest for me. unless something new gets posted in between me clicking it, it clears the others right up :slight_smile:


If you are referring to the button in the top left, it dosnt work


then I’ve no clue how to fix that for you, sir.


@brandini what browser and version?