Forum organization suggestion to mods


it would be great to have a subforum/category for each monster and each hunter, rather than mega threads

right now, the constant consolidation of threads makes it very difficult to see what’s relevant or engaging to people

the beh (pronounced ‘bae’ which i prefer to bob) thread has over 1k posts now - lots of good stuff in there that people will miss

if they were separate topics within each category, a quick scan would reveal which ones are getting the most interest in terms of views and responses, and it would be very easy to keep up with the excellent thinking here

it would also keep new thinking separate from old thinking (like the first 300-400 posts of each “discussion” thread are just irrelevant now after the micropatches)

and i’m sure it’s a lot of repetitive work for the mods too

i totes understand the desire to bin/consolidate and have a nice clean look, so this is just a suggestion



It’s a nice idea, but I’m not sure the mods have that power. It’d probably be up to the devs


Pretty sure this isn’t necessary. We have centralised threads for T4, and these are just a mess.


not sure i understand you - if you mean that the centralized threads are a mess - I agree. I think having a category for each hunter so i can filter to all the topics labeled “torvald” would be helpful, since the richest discussion tends to be about a specific player character

it would be cool to do it for maps as well - i’d love to see in-depth discussion of map strategies


sure - but it should be pretty easy given that the feature is already there, no? just adding a few more options in the dropdown.


We need a monster and hunter skin area