Forum Names? :/


So, when I registered to the site, I chose to login via facebook, because I use it a lot and don’t really care about all the info sharing blah blah whatever. It was easier, and yeah. So, now i’m sitting here, but my name on the forums is Finalfantasyclay cuz that’s my email. But… Why? I’m not allowed to change it to what I want, I was just auto assigned the name and i cri al tim. Just want my Tewky name ;-; RIP me.

I even tried making a new account, but can’t have same email on two accounts, which is fair, still sad, though. :frowning:

EDIT: Guess it’s also worth mentioning, IN PREFERENCES it states it will not show my email.
But it auto set my account name to match my email.
So it’s showing it.
But it’s not supposed to. xD (Doesn’t bother me. It’s just funny)


facebook is evil


All the more reason to support it, and use it to my advantage for laziness. :smiley:


Judging from edited part of your response I’m not sure if this can work but for me I am able to change my email on the preferences page. If you were able to do this I imagine you could create a new account with the right name


Changed that for you now. Just to check, you wanted “Tewky”, right?


Oh. Yeah, I did. Thanks! That’s perfect! Lol! I love you. New best friend.

But I do still think that’s kind of an awkward “hiding the emaiL” versus auto assigning a name.

But yay! I’m the real me again <3


Nice job, Plaff!

Are we alright to close this, @Tewky now the problem is resolved? :smile:


The problem is super resolved, more than I had anticipated it would be. Thank you very much for your awesome speedy moderation wizard powers!